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Creating Innovation Offices That Work

A new report, “A Guide for Making Innovation Offices Work,” details the models, methods, and metrics of how government agencies are incorporating innovation into their bureaucracies. Innovation offices are being established by many governments—including cities (Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago), states (Maryland, Colorado, and Pennsylvania), and federal agencies (NARA, HHS, State Department).  But not all offices are… Read more »

Digital Conduit

Making Data Real – Lessons From and For Federal Leaders

This article was originally posted by Dan Chenok on the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. In a recent event, the IBM Center for The Business of Government and the Partnership for Public Service added to a significant body of knowledge about how government leaders can leverage the power of analytics and data to… Read more »

GSA, OMB, DoD, OPM: CBG Round-up, 07.18.2014

Gadi Ben-Yehuda Three Stories about GSA. How ‘Bout These Apples? The GSA turned a snarky BuzzFeed listicle into an earnest hastag, asking people to share their favorite government structures. Challenges Come of Age. Steve Kelman, writing in FCW, says that government challenges “may be one of the single largest changes in government management in the… Read more »

A-Team Edition: CBG Round-up, 06.20.2014

Gadi Ben-Yehuda Social Media in Government: How it works, it’s successes and shortcomings, and what it costs us. FedTech reports on “How Social Media Is Revolutionizing Emergency Response” with “social media guidance for first responders.” Treci Johnson writes in DigitalGov on “Trends on Tuesday: Maximizing Your Mobile Moments,” teasing out the awareness, selling, workforce, product,… Read more »

Achieving Enterprise Security to Support Agency Services

This article was originally posted byDan Chenok and John Lainhart on the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. Increased connectivity has transformed and improved access to government – citizens today can connect with government agencies and leaders in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. This connectivity, however, has also increased… Read more »

Futball!!!! Kidding: CBG Round-up, 06.13.2014

Gadi Ben-Yehuda Open data can save your life. Really. Alex Howard has the “backstory of the openFDA platform, which gives the public access to adverse drug event reports.” He writes that “[t]he FDA’s open data initiative will add APIs for product recalls and product labels soon. ” Related: re/code writes that “The Cure for Health… Read more »

Social Media Metrics for Government: A New Manager’s Handbook

One of the most important questions to ask during a job interview or when preparing for an annual review is: “What constitutes success” or “what does success look like.” For private sector organizations, there are often very easily quantifiable metrics: number and size of sales, or year-to-year growth. Even in the nonprofit sector, there can… Read more »

Citizen Sensors, CIOs, Cost of Compliance: CBG Round-up, 06.06.2014

Gadi Ben-Yehuda People as peripherals. Government Technology reports on “The Role of Citizens in Smart Cities” Author Tod Newcombe offers that citizens will become part of the Smart City’s sensor network, which seems right to me, as I wrote about this in 2012:“Perhaps one of the most sophisticated sensors that can be connected to the… Read more »

eGov, eHarmony, Everything is Broken: CBG Round-up, 05.30.2014

Gadi Ben-Yehuda What eGov can learn from eHarmony? The New York Times posted a very interesting article, “Who Wants Free Love Anyway?” My biggest take-away: “while the Internet may have democratized information — making it seemingly easier for any of us to sell an apartment or find a spouse on our own — we now… Read more »