Fiscal Year 2015 — The Year of Opportunity for Talent Management?

The new federal fiscal year is upon us and with it comes new opportunity and a chance for fresh beginnings. In reality, astute leaders are always looking and planning ahead, so just because the turning of a calendar page indicates a new year, it doesn’t mean new thinking and foresight waits for that day. You’ve… Read more »


Regular Status Meetings: Contractual Relationship Tune-ups

The next point about fostering a vendor relationship is to step back and to evaluate the relationship on a regular basis. Most vendor contracts allow for or even require regular interaction about the day to day activities of the contract. Operational issues come up often and are worked out. This contact and communication is an… Read more »


What Does it Mean to Negotiate a Contract?

This series began discussing fostering relationships through contracting. This idea underpins all discussions about contracting because if you keep the relationship in mind while conducting contract negotiations, where both sides are heard and concerns are addressed, then there is a greater likelihood that the outcome will be beneficial to both parties. In the previous post,… Read more »

Sky is the limit

With A Great Contract Management Plan, The Sky is the Limit

By Cindy Wilkins, PMP, SCEA Your team may have spent hours and hours considering the program management, risk management and quality assurance issues involved in letting a new government contract. But have you pulled the key information about how that contract will be managed into a single plan? A Contract Management Plan (CMP) is one… Read more »


8 Ways to Get Hiring Managers More Involved with Talent Acquisition

So much is discussed, debated and written about how HR can improve the process of finding, hiring and retaining talent, I was surprised to see the results of The McQuaig Institute’s recent Global Talent Recruitment Survey as it relates to the top recruiting challenges. According to the survey, 68 percent of HR professionals identified issues with… Read more »


Migrating to the Cloud

“The cloud.” It seems like some mysterious location that either floats above us or hangs over our heads, depending on how you look at it. What is the cloud? What are the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to cloud-based solutions? People refer to the cloud as if you should be able to find it via… Read more »