Eightfold Path to Public Service Enlightenment: Wisdom

The Noble Eightfold Path is one of the principal teachings of Buddha and serves as a path to obtain or reach enlightenment. Buddha defined enlightenment as the cessation of suffering and the achievement of self-awakening. From my experience, public service can cause a lot of suffering at times and Buddha’s teachings provide a great toolset… Read more »


9 Ways You’re Not Reaching Your Federal Income Potential

Every month I eagerly await my subscription to Success Magazine. I love this magazine not only because I get in the mail (I love the Postal Service and not just because I work there), but also because every month it comes with a CD filled with interviews filled with success tips. Success Publisher Darren Hardy… Read more »


Increasing your Visibility

Increasing your professional visibility is a very important part of career progression. Getting your name and accomplishments “out there” is the first step toward professional recognition and prominence. It is also necessary for positioning yourself for the perfect opportunity to move forward when it arrives. Putting forth your best possible image is the best way… Read more »


Innovator: A Definition

Innovation in government only sounds like an oxymoron to people who haven’t kept up with the work of government employees at all levels. The distinct challenge of nurturing innovative ideas in the public sector made my job description so interesting when I applied. Last month, I celebrated two years as a government contractor and communication lead —… Read more »

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6 Important Reminders for Managers from Google Leadership

Here at GovLoop and GovDelivery, supervisors occasionally trade tips, management ideas, and best practices over email. We love learning from one another, and are constantly looking for ways to improve the way our companies work. So when Scott Burns, GovDelivery’s CEO, sent across an email with Book Recommendation: How Google Works, as the subject line, my… Read more »