Say Less – Earn More

“That’s great! Have a good night!” That is me, tiptoeing backwards. Because the other person won’t stop speaking. Sure, there’s a technique for handling this. But unfortunately not one that I ever mastered. “Did you say goodbye? I have a great story about goodbyes.” Oh no. Oh no. “Hang on just a second, I’ll walk… Read more »

Blank digital tablet on a desk with clipping path for the screen

Keeping It Not So Real At Work

When the late rhythm and blues and soul singer, Percy Sledge released his top 100 hit in 1967 entitled “Cover Me,” I doubt he ever realized that the verb in the title of this song would have workplace implications. The Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion released a report a year ago that indicates workers… Read more »

Scientific data

How Data Analysis Can Save Lives

The following is an excerpt from a GovLoop and SAS report, Government Workforce in Focus: Closing the Data Skills Gap. The report includes a survey of 283 public-sector professionals, which provides insights on the challenges in closing the data skills gap. The International Organization of Migration (IOM) is an intergovernmental agency that provides humanitarian assistance to… Read more »


The Job Interview Mating Dance

There are few things in life more painful than a job interview. Except, perhaps, dating. There are also few things more shameful. Right? It’s not something you want to talk about. The screw-ups, the flubs, the asinine mistakes that everyone makes but which feel totally unique to your sorry ass. In a nod to the… Read more »

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

Stocks were up again last week, helped by a strong rally on Friday which was triggered by a drop in interest rates in China, of all things. The reason for the drop in rates was because of some bleak economic data so it may turn out to be an emotional response to something that should… Read more »


Three Letters Could Boost Your Career

Simple question: Are you happy with your career? If not, what are you going to do about it? We have a suggestion: IDP. At GovLoop’s Thursday online training, Creating a Great Individual Development Plan to Grow Your Career, we spoke with Kathleen Flora, Certified Career Counselor & Leadership Development, Instructor, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Steve… Read more »


The Principle of Authority – A Rule for Your Success

“When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”. Check out the YouTube video.  I’m sure you’ve seen commercials where a doctor, dentist, athlete or a celebrity has recommended a product. This is the principle of authority at work, suggesting, if doctors, dentist or E.F. Hutton recommends it, well, it must be worth having. Knowing how to use… Read more »