Why Innovate?

Innovation means doing something different to get a better result, to produce more value for a customer. Innovation solves problems that have eluded solutions. It can unleash commitment and change organizational cultures. So if innovation is all that, why not innovate? Government innovates every day. Legislation starts with a problem and ends with a solution. Then agencies… Read more »

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3 Business Lessons from the Batting Cage

Learning how to succeed in business can come from a variety of diverse sources. It may include mentors, managers and multiple teams of staffers that you meet during your career. Inspiration for solid business practices may also result from other life experiences, including sports. The three business lessons I learned from the batting cage cover… Read more »


How Much is That…

…doggy in the window (arf! arf!) The one with the waggley tail (you’ll be humming that for the remainder of the day now, won’t you). Our focus in this post, though, is not on cuddly canines, rather it’s on the value of public services. Unlike private service whose value is often determined by whether they… Read more »


I’m a Millennial, But Don’t Stereotype Me!

Hello, my name is Emily and I am a millennial. And you know what? I am proud to be a millennial. Oftentimes, the millennials get a bad reputation as being lazy, tech focused and commitment phobes. But I’m here to tell you: It’s not all true. Right now, millennials make up about 16 percent of the… Read more »

Rugby Ball

Rugby at Work?

My life-long mentor and former rugby coach, Gordon Campbell, once stressed the importance of controlled aggression.  I swear one day I will write a book entitled, Life’s Lessons from a Rugby Pitch.  Rugby is a game of elegant violence.  The adage is that although soccer is a gentlemen’s game played by hooligans, rugby is a… Read more »