Group of Business People Meeting About Teamwork

The 10 Commandments of Teamwork

At GovLoop, we’ve been researching or covering technology issues facing the public sector and there always seems to be a common theme throughout every IT issue: soft skills are critical to successful IT deployment. Technology is only a small piece of the equation. Gaining buy-in, building with the user in mind and communicating changes across… Read more »


Rating Training: The How-To of What Not to Do

We know training is important to both organizations and employees, yet it is often seen by workers and supervisors as extra work of no real value. It interrupts the workflow. It is the immediate tangible evaluations are the most important. The effectiveness of training should matter. That’s what we tell ourselves and, yet, we hand out trainer and training… Read more »


Failure Résumés: A Training Guide for Success

Who says your failures can’t lead to success? Employers it seems. We are fond of saying, “Failure is not an option.” And, “when it’s rough, the tough get going.” That may be a positive result of the United States unemployment situation and lagging economy. Today’s unemployed may have failed in nailing a specific job or… Read more »


5 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Search

Even though the outlook’s been a bit sunnier lately, it’s still a tough job market out there. Recruiters and hiring managers are still getting dozens – if not hundreds – of qualified applications for each position. If yours has been getting lost in the shuffle, or you’re not getting any calls back after interviews, you may be… Read more »