Resolve to Envision!

It’s that time again. The New Year. Or as we often hear – “A New Year – A New You”. It is a time filled with both the promise of better times to come and of course – that dreaded resolution (or in many cases resolutions). Each and every year, we find ourselves reflecting on the things that we want to improve in our lives and the places in life that we want to be. We are constantly reminded by the media and those around us what changes can be made to improve our health, wealth, and happiness. And as we are often quite motivated and excited to enact these improvements at once, in just mere weeks, we seem to completely lose steam.

Simply resolving to change behavior can be defeating. Just thinking about all of the sacrifices that will have to make to change our routines and status quo and the time it will take to exact them can be downright depressing. After all, how many of us are motivated to stay on a plan that denies us the things we often find pleasurable? Not many!

But actually envisioning in our mind’s who we want to be and where we want to go is not only fun – but inspiring. Imagine seeing oneself as having achieved all of the goals that one has dreamed of – whether they are personal, professional, or financial. When goals and achievements are consistently visualized, they eventually come to be. This is the law of attraction. We fill our lives with the things energies and events that constantly fill our minds.

Let this be the year of the positive promise! At your next mentoring meeting, share with your mentoring partner the dreams and goals that you have for yourself and the positive ways that you can move to not only envision these dreams and goals but to make them happen! The following are some talking points to initiate the conversation.

  • What are my ultimate goals and/or visions?
    • If I don’t already have a clear vision, am I working toward to creating one?

  • What would make me the most satisfied professionally? Personally? Financially?

  • Do I seem to be moving in the right direction?
    • Or do I experience self defeating events?

  • What am I doing to make my dreams come true?
    • Do they seem to be working?
    • If not how can I modify them?

  • Do I think positively about the direction I am heading and the time it is taking me to get there?
    • Or am I apathetic and feel defeated?

  • Do I have a clear sense of my ultimate goal?
    • Do I run it through my mind on a continual basis?
    • Do I actually envision myself living my dream?

  • Is my dream documented?

  • Are the steps toward my goals mapped out and documented?
    • What steps have I already achieved?
    • How have these achieved propelled me further?

  • How have I assisted others with their goals and dreams and how has this helped me.

  • Am I grateful of where I am thus far?
    • How do I express this gratitude?

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