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Do You Have Continuing Education (Policies & Programs) At Your Agency?

Hello All,

I was curious about:

What continuing education programs for federal (and state/local) employees, exist at your organization?

What continuing education policies exists at your organization?

Please state the name of your agency, and if available a link (or URL) to a policy document, and even to the training program/provider.

Also, if you have a contact person (i.e. name, email, and phone #), that will also be great.

Thanks so much.

- Uchenna Okezie

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I've seen requirements for certain fields:

-Program Managers with PMP require 80 hours training every 2 years

-Auditors require 80 hours every 2 years

-Recent PMF and pathways hires require 80 hours every 2 years

Others?  What have you been seeing Okezie in your research?

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

I just started on the research, and I have found that some agencies have their own leadership and training programs for their employees. Other organizations send their employees to programs for training government employees such as the training at Bolger, and American University's Government Leadership Program.

The CPE requirements are very true for the auditors, and program managers, and the like.

The New Jersey Attorney General's Office has a free in-house continuing legal education program to help employees meet state bar license requirements. Our programs are open only to government attorneys working for state, local, and federal agencies. All new hires, regardless of number of years of outside experience, are required to attend a 5-day trial advocacy program using the National Institute for Trial Advocacy curriculum. We also participate in selected programs offered by the National Association of Attorneys General Training Institute. Our CLE program has 2-3 full time staff; faculty consists mostly of experienced attorneys within our office who have completed a "train-the-trainers" course.


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