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I am looking for examples on project failures and success.

Can anyone point me to documented examples?  Or if anyone is willing to share his or her first hand knowledge I would appreciate it.

I am currently working on a research project examining better decision making, planning, and processes to lead to better project implementation success.  These examples will be used in the research.



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Any specific type of projects?  Or any project failures and successes?

We were doing a "project of week" for awhile - some good successes there - list is at

GovLoop member Bill Eggers (disclosure: with whom I worked) wrote a terrific book that examined 70 or so case studies of government projects that succeeded and failed. He looked at them in terms of different phases and traps. I'd definitely recommend it, if you're researching project failures/successes.

In government, I have found the executive level managers do not set aside funds to implement IT projects even though  approved to implement.  For example, I would compile an annual list of projects to implement, acquire sponsor approval, list costs/etc only for management to subsequently choose to not fund a project.  I understand the accounting system's budget module was not implemented and separate Excel spreadsheets were maintained by accounting staff.  The money is always available during periods of abundant funding; therefore, management had little incentive to implement the accounting systems budget module.  I have never seen a documented IT budget report.  You can only imagine the problems during periods of reduced funding. 


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