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One of the most confusing things is insurance. It can be car, house or health insurance it really doesn't matter but either way most of us just end up scratching our heads.

Well just launched a new widget that could clear insurance options up... at least in the health realm.

All you do is answer the prompts and it should give you a solid idea about what healthcare insurances are available to you.

What do you guys think about this resource? Helpful or just a fancy tool that keeps the whole insurance thing ambiguious?

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Saw this when they lauched the website. Seems like a fancy tool rather than being truly helpful. The people who would find this helpful most likely won't be online or aware of the website unfortunately.
Yeah I would agree with you Tricia, Also there embed code isn't the greatest and forces you to iframe rather than embed which is less compatible than other options for widgets
I don't know why I saw that as a challenge before calling it a day, but here it is recoded without an iFrame:
resident GovLoop baller Chris Bennett ladies and gentlemen
Link not working...can you re-link?
This doesn't work for you?

Works for me...
I think this is a step in the right direction.

Big fan of widgets as you can't expect everyone to go visit your .gov website and widgets get the key gov't information in lots of other sites where people live.

I just actually did the whole widget and filled out the steps and got a pretty solid 7 options. Took just a minute. It does a solid job - it's just hard as health care information is so broad and is grey and ambigious still. Lots left at state and local level and lots still being worked out.
I agree with Tricia. This does a fine job for those who are aware of the site and have computer skills, but how about a national call center that is highly visible - TV Ads, Public Transportation Ads, and the like.
I filled out the form for my home state, Maryland, and was given about 12 plans to review. None of the five or so plans I looked at had pricing information: prices not availble until October 2010, the form said. When I clicked on what was supposed to be a description of covered servies, I was sent to generic insurer Web sites with a lot of jargon. So I never was able to compare coverage of the plans in a reasonable way. I'm certainly not very experienced with shopping for health insurance , and I hope this gets beefed up with some easier ways of comparing information. I think they are definitely moving in the right direction.


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