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Hiring Reform: Are You Really Seeing More Vets and Diversity in the Office?

Each week, GovLoop teams up with the Washington Post to host a question of the week designed to find out the feelings of Federal employees on a variety of issues.

This week's question:

Is hiring reform having any demonstrable impact on the government workforce?

The primary goals of reforms to the federal government hiring process were to reduce the number of days needed to fill a government job and to improve the quality of hires. In addition, reforms were aimed at hiring more veterans and diversifying the workforce.

Have you seen any improvement in fulfilling these goals?

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An important topic Andrew and thanks for the post,

We have been doing some work in this regard and having success with a few clients on this front. Your question relates to a larger question which I am curious to hear more on from this community  

How have reforms with Pathways been adopted ?
Have Hiring Reforms helped you to address your time to hire ?
How has Diversity Driven Innovation At Your Agency ? 

Diversity is a critical attribute that fuels innovative cultures.  In fact, innovation in companies is in the result of diverse perspectives, open and inclusive ideas and contributions all coming together.  Innovation provides the seeds for economic growth. However for that innovation to happen it relies on the quality of collaborative differences rather than holistic sameness. With this at the center of the topic, we have created a presentation for agencies that are interested in the topic that focuses on: 

  • How diversity powers up innovation
  • What is an innovative culture
  • Cultivating innovative cultures
  • Using innovation to attract a diverse workforce


If interested TMP Government has a few whitepapers on how to recruit and retain under-represented groups and will be making a presentation on the above topic this December at the 2nd Annual Executive Leadership and Diversity Forum hosted by IALPAE for more info or to register go to   

In fact a couple of our clients LOREAL and AT&T put out a great study on Forbes Insights attached below.  For more on the business case you can make with senior executives check out a recent post on at



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