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How Have You Used Facebook and Twitter to Advance Your Career?

Next Thursday, November 15, I am delivering a free online training entitled, "Accelerating Your Government Career with Social Media." In it, I'll share at least a couple dozen tips for using social networks like GovLoop, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Google+ and others to get ahead in the public sector.

I have solid examples of people who have leveraged GovLoop and LinkedIn for career success, and I would like to incorporate your specific stories in how you have used Facebook and Twitter to advance your career.


1. Did you make a connection on one of those networks that led to an interview or a job?

2. Did you position yourself as a thought leader using one or both of them, sharing links to your professional insights or successful projects?

3. Have you used a specific Facebook app like BranchOut to turn that platform from a more social tool to a professional networking tool?

4. Do you have other examples that you would cite as ways you've leveraged these tools in ways that give you an advantage over non-social media using colleagues?


Thanks for sharing your stories below.


Again, I'd invite you to register for the training here.

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We have come a long way from the webinar I did two years ago!

Hey Kathleen - Yes! I figured I've been presenting my own version of this training here and there...might as well convert it to a webinar and take a shot at the subject matter. :-)

I know you have great stories of people who've used FB and Twitter successfully. Can you share any?

This will be a highly valuable and productive online training that shoud not be missed.  Thank you, Andy and the GovLoop team, for providing yet another exciting and educational opportunity -- and free of charge no less!  I'm looking forward to it.


Sounds like great training as I'm not savvy with social media.  I just hope I can log on.  The agency I work for blocks many sites.  I'm unable to register for this class from work, but will try to register from home. Thanks for putting on these sessions.




Would love to hear examples of how federal managers in different agencies are using these tools to connect with their applicant pool, and how that may relate to a traditional recruitment process.  It's one thing to hear what applicants are doing, but are federal managers receptive to these efforts?  Are they engaging in the process too?

Thanks, Sandiann. Good point. You can position yourself all you want with social media...but are the recruiters and hiring personnel going to be in these places? I'll try to address that...


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