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It's official. I'm a podcast junkie.

First it was documentaries, but I pretty much exhausted my Netflix I'm on to audio and video podcasts.

I'm finding that I consume them in a couple ways, but mostly while I'm doing something else or on the go:


- mostly in the morning or afternoon

- while exercising (walks/runs and rides on the trainer)

- while driving (in the morning dropping off my son at school, long road trips)


- mostly from my smart phone, using the DoggCatcher app.

- started using GovLoop's new Android app to listen to our Insights podcast with Chris Dorobek.

- when I'm on the trainer, I just use my laptop and listen on iTunes.

- like to speed them up, listening to them at 1.3x - 1.5x so that I can cut the time down and get to more content.


- mostly audio, but I also like TEDTalks on video

- leadership, books, iTunes U, HBR, sermons

So I'm curious about your habits with podcasts:

1) When and where do you use podcasts?

2) How do you consume them?

3) What are your favorites?


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I not only enjoy listening to podcasts, I also host and produce one!

1. I listen to podcasts on my commute to and from work. Two hours on a train gives me plenty of time to catch up with them.

2. I consume on my iPhone but occasionally listen at work on my laptop if the podcast is related to something I'm doing on the job.

3. My favorites are The Quarterdeck (because it's mine), Marketing Over CoffeeThe Beancast, The Weekly Leader, and On The Media.

Thanks, Ben - adding those to my queue!


-Listen - at the gym, also on airplanes

-Consume on my iphone through itunes store

-Favorites - HBR Ideacast, Mixergy, Stanford Entreprenuership Thought Leaders, Planet Money, & GovLoop Insights (of course :)

HBR Ideacast is fantastic...I'll have to check out those other 2-3. Is Planet Money practical money tips?

TEDTalks is one of my favorites, along with HBR.  For running,  Podrunner and Motion Traxx.  You can download by the BPM depending on the pace you're looking to run at. 


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