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Can anyone share success or even lessons learned from internal crowdsourcing experiences at your federal government agency? I'm interested in apps that can leverage ideas and feedback from across an entire agency including field sites, labs, M&Os, etc that may not be on a common network, domain, email system.

Lastly, is there any easier way to implement? Right now, I understand you must go through several hurdles: Privacy Impact Assessment, General Counsel Approval, and C&A package.


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TSA Idea Factory is probably the flagship example -

Technology - lots of folks have used Ideascale to do it (SAVE awards from WH use it) but some other ideas include Spigit (higher-end, more robust) and you can also customize Sharepoint to get a close resemblance (not perfect, but in case already have sharepoint).  Uservoice is also popular for same thing 

All good examples of platforms for crowdsourcing. Another one that instantly came to mind was Speakup Austin! which uses a product called CivicIdeas and takes the crowdsourcing a step further in that it allows the good/popular ideas to move into a "focus group"-like setting for further discussion and movement towards implementation.

Chatter by is a really good collaboration tool.

we had good luck with the "Great Ideas Hunt" using the Chatter application (salesforce platform).  it has a handy voting feature built in.  

There's a great post on building an planning an ideation program that you might find useful   at 


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