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"Universal Credit" is the UK government's project to unify all welfare payments into one universal payment is considered the world's largest "agile" project.  And it is in deep trouble.

So, is this an "agile" project?  Is that why it is failing? Or, are other factors at play here?

And what lessons does this have for the Federal government's use of agile project management?

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Interesting read - also just shows regardless of methodology how many other factors make important projects hard (big projects w/ lots of politics are always tought)

@Steve - Exactly!  I like agile (just my particular flavor is the Adaptive Project Framework) but it is not a panacea for all of your project management problems. To me, communication is still the number one success factor and I have noticed that agile requires a greater commitment to stakeholder engagement than some practitioners are willing to commit to.

The project sounds so large and complex that I have my doubts whether "agile" is really the problem. There are many possible factors here and I would be reluctant to adopt "agile" on a project involving so many different subsystems involving so many different use cases and user groups. 

Good point Dennis.

I was talking to a portfolio manager who had been reviewing a number of projects that used agile methodologies. The person was saying "agile isn't the solution by itself" - if you don't know where you are going, what you are a building, and lots of moving use cases - it doesn't work.  It's great to break it in chunks and do some evolution but you still need that north star to know where going

Hello Dennis:

What project management method would suggest for this type of project?


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