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I'm putting together a list of activities that you are going on during shutdown


1)-Video taping of Why We Serve


2) Shutdown startup - service opportunities

Urgent need: Help Greater DC Cares prepare for Servathon! Greater DC Cares relies on Americorps during the week prior to Servathon. If government is shut down, Greater DC Cares will be severely handicapped, which threatens the success of the community service event after a year of planning. Help ensure the success of the 20th annual Servathon, and contact Billy Fettweis ( for more info.


3) Furlough Friday Happy Hour- April 8th

Furlough Friday Episode 6: The Undiscovered Country

The Passenger, 1021 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC

Starting 5pm


Shutdown is coming.  There's potential darkening of and other Open Gov sites - let's connect and show people we are committed to these efforts and a way to keep our spirits high as we go through these emotional and for some people financial hard times


4) Government Shutdown Volleyball Tournament

Monday, April 11 ·  11:00am -  2:00pm

More Info
If the government shuts down, we are looking to organize the largest volleyball game DC has ever seen. Come out, play with other government workers who are on an "unpaid vacation" or simply just watch those in need of taking out their aggression, in a friendly competition.

Instead of rallying, protesting and complaining about your unpaid vacation - use it wisely (and have a great story to tell on what you did with your time off). 

See you all there and remember - pass it on!



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Request here

 Michael Peter Edson 
If anyone would like to propose a last minute  talk on .gov shutdowns, I'm all ears. /cc @

Ignite Smithsonian

Also, you could channel your energies into philanthropic efforts:
Another volunteering initiative from feds - 

Furloughed Feds Volunteering for America launched


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