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At the City of Edina, Minn., we are exploring mobile applications for our residents to easily get information, find staff contacts and report problems. Has anyone in other local governments launched an iOS/Android app? If so, what company did you use, how has your experience been working with them, what did they offer that others cannot and what was the approximate cost (both up-front, and recurring).

I appreciate your responses.

Jordan Gilgenbach
Communications Coordinator
City of Edina

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Hey Jordan - check out a similar thread that's got some great answers -

Thanks for the link. I will check that out.

Hi Jordan,

My company, Verivo Software, provides an enterprise mobility platform that enables government agencies to quickly and easily build, deploy and manage mobile apps. Our platform supports iOS, Android and BlackBerry. We've worked with several state and local governments to help them build apps for their citizens, as well as to improve the internal efficiencies of their government agencies. Here's a link to our website:

You can also check our white paper on mobilizing the government that provides information on trends and best practices, as well as three customer case studies.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help!




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