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Is anyone in the federal government using the Ning platform to connect with grant awardees?  We are interested in exploring Ning as an option (seems to have more collaboration abilities compared to SharePoint) and would love to here from other groups who have gone through this process.  It seems like there may be some security issues to get it hosted through a government website.  Thoughts?  Thanks so much in advance for your feedback!

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Got it - thanks!  Are there additional requirements / any policy issues you are encountering as you perform the migration to the SAMHSA site? 

We are just starting that process - so I cannot answer that yet - but will let you know if there are issues in regard to the migration

Hi, Kim, check out what I did in Boston with partnership with Boston Police and the City of Boston - Would be happy to share the story with you. 

PS. I also ran the site for DHS for a while too. 

Thanks, Joseph!  I just e-mailed you and Andrew back.

OurBorder has been down for a while, CBP updating?

Wow, what a great site, Joseph! Thanks for sharing it!

Joseph - I am working on something similar in Arlington County. I'd love to hear your experience with Boston. 

Also check out it's a WordPress suite that turns WordPress into a "social network" tool as well.  Seems pretty slick, but haven't heard of any gov examples yet, but it being WP it can be brought in house to be managed so I feel like it's worth a look.


Is there anyone in DOC, NOAA, or NWS that uses Ning (officially)? If so, please connect with me, I need help with the paperwork. Thanks!


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