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Happy Open Gov Day!

Today, government agencies are unveiling their Open Gov Plans.
Many of you are going to be reviewing and responding to them in the coming days and weeks.  Others will be implementing them.
So let's talk about them - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Cheers and jeers.
Based on what you're seeing, what you do you think?
What do you like about them?
What are the prevalent themes across the plans?
What is missing?
What could have been done better?
Have your say!
As you add other posts, we'll update this list.

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That logo has harshed my mellow.
For those scrambling to complete, post, text, etc., a collective "Whewwwwwwww...." Now for a nap... ;-)

EPA Open Government Plan - Read it and discuss it...
What happened to information about the persistent cookie policy? I thought that was coming out today as well...
Was the OMB social media change but don't think it included persistent cookies.
Wow...lots of reading there. Just started with Commerce which seemed pretty solid.
I like them so far, they are fun to read, especially the "flagships initiatives":

I was a prolific "idea poster", and I see seeds of some of my ideas (along with many others) scattered throughout. I gather the plans will be viewed as "living documents" with plenty of opportunity to weigh in with our proposed changes and enhancements..

Very cool!

On April 7, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency published the Open Government Plan, an Innovation Timeline, and started a Forum Blog for Public Discussion. In a flurry of activity, following months of preparation and planning, the EPA completed the latest milestone of the Open Government Directive, and then some. But this is not the end of the story, only the beginning of a new level of ongoing public engagement.
OPM has joined the "club" which includes links to their "blog" and "the plan" .

Have also posted same in the forum discussion OPM and Open Government plus a short word document titled Open Government Fact Sheet
Need more transparency/openess in county/township/city governments across America.
Also at DOD and Law Enforcement/police agencies--entities notorious for secrecy, inhouse corruption, "no remorse" responses for overtly criminal, lower level/administrative procedural mistakes.
Here is a link to upcoming @OpenGovWest Meetups, focused on those issues on the West Coast:

Here is a link to the OGW Wiki. Time for an OpenGovNorth, South, East and Central for State and Local Gov't Across the Country?
Open source tools are sometimes the most valuable. Everything can be found with just a little patience and know-how.
SBA’s Open Government Plan establishes our agency's roadmap for moving forward to create and institutionalize a culture of Open Government. The many items described in this plan will be prioritized and sub-plans to implement them will be constructed. The public is encouraged to comment on the plan and the milestones identified or offer suggestions for other transparency, participation, and collaboration opportunities. Comments can be sent to


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