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Popular Government Agencies - New Tool Measures Employer Brand on College Campuses

Two months ago, AfterCollege launched an employer popularity index (EPI) and started asking college students and recent grads where they wanted to work. We didn't give them a drop down list to make their selections. Instead, we just had free-form text fields where they could start typing in any employers that came to mind. Still in beta, in just over two months and 40,000 student requests later, the data is looking very interesting.


Popular Government Agencies

Among the government agencies specified, the CIA, NSA, FBI, EPA, DoD and VA ranked among the top choices with students.

(click on the cloud to view details for specific government agencies)

Comparing Industries

The Manufacturing and Healthcare industries are the most popular among students and upcoming grads. Employers such as Intel, GE, GM, Genentech and Kaiser Permanente contribute to these industry rankings. If you look at the Government sector though, it is on the lower half of the list, but it beats Media & Internet, which is composed of luminaries such as Google and Facebook.


Who Wants to Work for the Federal Government

You can see the types of students and demographic detail of who wants to work for the various agencies by clicking on the various employers on the list. Example:


Your Feedback

The Employer Popularity Index is still in beta, and we're rolling out new features based on feedback. If you find this tool and the data useful or have any ideas on how to make it even more useful, let us know.


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