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Who are your favorites? Me -@govloop

My Top 10:


Who are your favorites? What's your handle?

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I'm @PNealAllen. Still learning tho, so not much interesting going on. I am following about half of your suggestions, Will have to get on at lunch and look up the rest of them.
I think I'm following all of those folks too! You can follow me at @sradick. I would also add @mixtmedia and @tjohns06 and @emmajoan.
Aw shucks, thanks Steve!

There's also been a lot of buzz lately about @colleen_graffy, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy at State. I just started following, but am looking forward to what she has to say!

@LindyKyzer if you're into awesome Army networking like I am :)
@matthewburton tweets rarely, but has some good, long thoughts on his blog/web page.

And of course, I echo everyone else already mentioned.
@northpacific - Cuz Sitka rules.
Niiice! Thank you!
Alan Silberberg @you2gov
OK, without repeats from the great names already , 10 more (edited to add HTML):

@meghan1018 - she writes about government with a little extra political flavor, plus, she's practically my neighbor!
@pbroviak - virtual worlds, mom, Public Works director, just awesome
@bgreeves - ditto Pam, Muni Gov 2.0, stylish geek (no longer self-proclaimed, pal!)
@quepol - We heart SF!
@david_tallan - whip-smart, representing Ontario
@mikekwan - shout out to a GovLoop newbie
@k0emt - #1 avatar on this list, where can I get one?
@marlinex - have to show love to CalPers!
@stelzner - watch out, he listens to people on trains ... (update - and airplanes)
@levyj413 - save water, would ya!?
Oh man, Adriel, I follow so many cool gov employees and consultants around the world. Many have already been mentioned. Adding to the above...

Andrea Baker, civilian social media consultant to US Intelligence Community - @immunity

Bob Ashley, town manager of Berwick, Nova Scotia - @bashley

Justin Kerr-Stevens, egov consultant in London, England - @jkerrstevens

Craig Thomler, web manager within Australia federal government - @craigthomler

HJ Armstrong, public affairs for US Navy - @hjarmstrong

Daniel Kanigan, public affairs for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - @danielkanigan

...and of course US Congressman John Culberson - @johnculberson

And many more. Too tired to think. Good job!
And can't leave off our newest GovLoop Twitter member, @MsUnitedStates
For views, perspectives on issues pertinent to IC, DoD, DHS, NatSec, see these folks. The back-and-forth ranges wide and far, but by-and-large it's on topic - and, most importantly, you don't have to suffer too much attitude, too much "look-at-me, ma!" stuff. A seasoned, terse crew, this -- and active:

Bob Gourley @bobgourley
Lewis Shepherd @lewisshepherd
John Hale @johnhale
Kelcy Allwein @kmallwein
Amy Senger @sengseng
Matthew Burton @matthewburton
Andrea Baker @immunity

For starters....
Zach, thanks to your list, I'm now connected to Mr. Shepherd, who was familiar with my work at the SF Examiner. It is a small intertwitted world we live in!
GovLoop, I'm very disappointed with you!!!


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