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We're thinking about launching a Twitter feed for employees, and I'm wondering if any other federal agencies use Twitter as an internal communications tool. If so, are the tweets open or protected?

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I haven't heard of it as an internal tool.  But as you said lots of agencies use it and a large part of their audience is their own employees

Unfortunately, my agency doesn't use social media at all to communicate/collaborate with employees.  They are exclusively used to interact with external stakeholders.  In fact, most social networks are still blocked from our government-furnished equipment.  Most of us have learned to adapt and use our personally owned devices to access social networks.  I'm a big user of Twitter, but many of my colleagues have not yet discovered the wealth of information available by this great aggregator of news feeds.

I still hold out hope that someday, our enlightened leadership will realize the value of social networks for interacting with perhaps an agency's most important stakeholder - its employees.  Until then, we depend on mavericks and outliers like yours truly.


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