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It's Back to School and it's time to vote on which 1 lucky student gets the $2,500 CampusGov/GovLoop Scholarship

We had hundreds of applicants but we've selected these 24 finalists.

We NEED YOU to select your favorite.  Read the essays below and Vote by Commenting in the discussion area which are your 2 favorites.

Voting CLOSED on Friday September 10th at 2 P.M EST.  WINNER ANNOUNCED THE WEEK OF 9/13


1) Ignite Change One Bit at a Time - Alison Hunt: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, George Washington University
2) Essay - Jeffrey Mayne: Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana State University
3) Service to the Public and Engagement - Samuel Brockway: UC Santa Barbara, Forest Service, University of Washington
4) Citizenship - A Call for Involvement - Christina Hendrick: Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Office of Community Development, Louisiana State University
5) Mentoring Mentors - Eileen McKeown: University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown
6) Transportation Policy - My Link to a Career in Public Service - Bri...: Boston University, George Washington University, Department of Transportation
7) Bringing Change to Our Largest Social Network - Sean Herron: Syracuse University, NASA
8) The Importance of Public Service - Kyle Robisch: University of Florida, Department of
Homeland Security
9) A Continuation of Service - Gary Roney:United States Navy, Norfolk State University, Troy State
10) State of Change - Fostering practical innovation in Rhode Island St...
Brown University, Department of Treasury
11) The Impact of Public Service - Justin Thomson: Rural Housing Development Corporation, BYU
12) My Torch - The Flame of Education - Wendy Uptain: Department of Education, George Washington University
13) The Road to Public Service - Cristina Limas: University of Pennsylvania, New York City Urban Fellows
14) Perseverance - Troy Williams: Virginia Beach Police Department, University of Maryland
15) Promoting Public Health - Suhail Khokhar: Columbia University, NIH
16) Public Service - Adam Sherman: Peace Corps, Washington University
17) A Lasting Impact - Kevin Carter: American University, Georgetown
18) A Public Servant with a Desire to Contribute to Excellent Education...: Teach For America, Office of Homeland Security California, University of Southern California, University of California, Santa Barbara
19) In Pursuit of Public Service - Ellen Kamei: University of Pennsylvania,
20) Making an Impact - Michelle Stevens; University of Kansas, City Manager
21) Serving the Public Interest: Providing Citizens with the Public Ser...
Wichita State University
22) Public Service Abroad - Searching for Understanding for Effective P...: Duke University, Foreign Service Officer
23) Professional Mask - Janet Williams: City Manager
24) Public Sector, Public Health - Jennifer Fauls: Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Columbia University

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I vote for Michelle Stevens.
#7 and # 4
I vote for Sean Herron!! Essay #7
Sean Herron - Essay #7
#20 Making an Impact
2) Essay - Jeffrey Mayne

12) My Torch - The Flame of Education - Wendy Uptain

Hopefully everyone is reading (or at least skimming) through ALL 24 of these. There are some really great stories in here!
I vote for the fabulous Michelle Steven's #20 "Making an Impact" scholarship essay.
I give both my votes to #7 Sean Herron. He's a true ROCKet star. Working with Sean was a dream come true. I could toss an action to him without a single word of explanation and he would go off and figure out what needed to be done. All I had to do was look it over and stamp it: "Wonderful!" He deserves this scholarship. He worked for FREE for me at NASA, because I couldn't pay him. Then he continued to work for free for a couple of months after NASA promised to pay him for a different job. He cared THAT much about getting the job done.

Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean!Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean! Vote for Sean!

I wish I could give him all those votes too. Remember, VOTE for SEAN!
#7 has my vote!
I vote for #7, Sean Herron. He has done an amazing job promoting government openness and transparency, particularly at NASA.
I vote for #7 and #15.
Have you read number 19?! That's my vote.


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