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What Should We Do if the Federal Government Shuts Down?

So I've been getting emails all week about the potential federal government shutdown on March 7th from GovLoop members.  

The cool part is GovLoop members seem to want to do something if a shutdown happens - I've heard ideas from a community service day, a rally, to a happy hour.  Some also just want more information and have suggested a webinar on the topic to more infographs.


So I thought we should open it up -

What should we as a GovLoop community do if the government shuts down?

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I'd like to find a way to use Gov 2.0 to fill gaps in services that the federal government can't provide during a shutdown.

That's a good idea
I like this idea. Also for those in the DC area, it sounds like DC will be in great need for services with a Federal government shut down. We should do something constructive...maybe with signs/shirts "govies for hire"

  WTD (what to do)

   1) Use the free time for cheap fun. Go to a museaum. Walk. Take a day trip with friends.

   2) Check out all the malls. Lake forrest mall in Rockvill or the ones in Tyson's corner. DC has a great mall but its really just an open field ( LoL )

   3)  See some good movies like "L.A. Battlefield" on March 11th.  A 1pm showtime is cheap.

   4)  Relax.  "Fear is believing that what you can not see - nor touch - nor change is going to happen.

         Faith is believing that what you can not see - nor touch - nor change is going to happen." 


    5) Volunteer to help at a blood drive, church, etc. Do something to pass the time. This is a good time to try new things.

    6) Update your resume.

    7)  Make doctor appointments. This is really true for those with little sick time.

    8)  Stay on GovLoop.


  What not to do

    1)  Freak out and shut yourself in.

    2) Spend hours at iHOP wondering what to do. iHOP is great but there is more.

    3) Think or say "This will go on for ever"  It will not

    4) Do nothing. One will be back at work in a few weeks whishing they had done something.




The museums in DC will be closed.  Updating your resume seems to be what they are encouraging people to do....

  Updating the resume may not be bad. Helps one look back on how much they have done. It takes a good week to fill out 171 form.

  I hope people are not let go.I do not see it happening.

"Go to a museum"?  The Smithsonian's were closed back in the 90's when the government closed last.

I like your positive attitude.  I would add to your "to do" list:

9) Start a small business that you can do from home (tons of them) to supplement your income incase the furlough lasts longer than expected. 


This is a great idea in starting a small business from home. Do you know of any websites that I can find these businesses from?

Making It on Your Own: Surviving and Thriving on the Ups and Downs of Being Your Own Boss by Ed and Sara Edwards is the classic in this field

Thanks & have a great day!

If my department were to close my office, I think I would take the time to get caught up on my current projects. Lets hope that it doesn't come to it, but ya never know these days.


Maybe do some networking to expand my horizons. Not so much for a new job, but to gain insight to what others do across (the government in) other departments and specialties.


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