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As we look back on the year 2010 - which many commentators will be doing in the next couple weeks - what stood out for you?


Where did government get it right?  It could be technological advancements or something for more mundane. Heck - maybe it's just a moment on the job where you crushed it!


Let's see if we can crowd-source a concrete list. Here are three for me:


1 - Chilean Miner Rescue Rivals Moon Mission: What an amazingly well-coordinated effort by Chile's government.  We were so impressed on GovLoop that we decided to blog about it on the Huffington Post, highlighting the ways in which NASA helped out.


2. Telework Takes Big Step Forward: Last week's signing of the Telework Enhancement Act by President Obama signified another move in the right direction.  It's time that government focused more on the "what needs to get done by when" vs. the "how and where it happens."


3. Coast Guard Commendable in Cleaning Up Oil Spill: BP may not have handled the crisis effectively, but I was impressed and bit more confident that were going to get the situation under control every time Admiral Thad Allen appeared to explain the circumstances. Also, I think should be considered an award-winning website.


What are yours?  Can't wait to see what we come up with together...

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Passage of the Plain Language Act!  If it's implemented properly, it could have a huge impact on the quality of customer service.

Indeed...that was huge

FIRST EVER GOVLOOPER TO LAND A JOB FROM GOVLOOP NETWORKING!!! (or so I'm told) - Shout out to Sterling Whitehead for setting up the YAP Mentor Program, which introduced me to Tina M. Borger, AWESOME mentor...and NOW BOSS!

There are many moments in history where an event, whether it's good or bad, becomes the catalyst for something much bigger which transforms the way the Government operates. In the past year, there's been two of them...Snowmageddon and WikiLeaks. Both will transform the way employees work day-by-day. Both will prompt for an increase in new technologies. Two events that have similar effects, but are completely different in what it will mean down the road. Ten years from now, as we look back at the events that have reshaped Government history, these two will be only two of the many.

Haiti earthquake response

Awesome Candace!

Here's my list for social in fed space: GovTwit’s 10 top #gov20 stories for 2010


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