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Lots of press about iPads usage in business, but what is government doing?

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Well I was at FCG event yesterday and amongst 200 mostly feds I saw about 10 iPads in action.


That is a great picture! I love my iPad and my company is rolling out an iPad app so that you can link it to your OnBase document management system. I have seen many judges using iPads and I am starting to see city councilors using them for accessing documents during the meetings and as laptop replacements. Since they are as cheap as a laptop but easier to carry, I expect it to grow.Thanks for the link!

I roll with my ipad everywhere!

Me too! I used to carry a Mac laptop and my work Windows machine (I do government ECM solutions), now I save my shoulders and it is faster and easier to use. I use DropBox and Evernote. I am testing the new Microsoft OneNote app to see if I can span platforms for my note taking. Thanks!

Given security concerns, we're holding fire. Waiting for the RIM Playbook, which will likely address some of those worries.  
The City of Williamsburg started using iPads July 2010 for City Council and key staff. Staff pay half the cost for each. Save more than $2,000 per year just from not printing council agendas and packets.  It's also part of our larger green government effort. We got a lot of great press -- USA Today and CNN.  Our mayor gave back his city-issued laptop to use the iPad exclusively. One question that came up was transparency, and we've made it clear that as with any other communications, anything on the iPad is FOIA-able.
This is a great idea, I like the cost sharing part and the green aspect. Thanks for the reply. At Hyland, we have iPad app so that if folks are using our document management software, they can access the document repository from an iPad and they can do workflow work. This is a great boon to council meetings and I think it really helps staff when you want them in the field or really engaged with your constituent service. Thanks!

GSA is very interested in diverse endpoints and several pilot programs are underway include #iPads in the org.  We are making good progress and lots of progress in the area of management, security and remote access.  I have stopped carrying my laptop for most days.  Still some ways to go in FIPS 140-2 compliance and CAC integration.  Especially with technologies like native VPN support, Citrix receiver app, and many other useful business friendly apps including mobile dashboards, collaboration tools and document management tools, the iPads, as well as other similar platforms like Android and Blackberry playbook seem to offer real, tangible business productivity benefits.


Diverse end points and mobile platforms are here to stay and organizations are going to get great value from their platforms in enabling a diverse and mobile workforce, green business, telework, knowledge management, hyper connectivity and many other such related outcomes.  CIOs should dedicate effort to test and validate these platforms for their enterprises for effective address this trend based on business needs.  


Quick comment on Blackberry playbook.  Counter to popular belief, the playbook is based on QNX, not blackberry OS, and requires a separate C&A and 140-2 compliance effort.  Just because its blackberry doesn't automatically bless it for your enterprise.  Pay close attention and devote time in testing the platform.  We are doing the same. 



Thanks for the reply and the info on the Blackberry tablet, I had heard something similar. I am traveling with just my iPad for my personal work and blogging and have been fine. I will be buying the next generation!

We have an interview on Federal News Radio with Deloitte: iPad to transform the federal workplace.

One of the big questions is, Will the iPad replace your PC at work? Hint: cloud computing plays a big role.

Also, we link back to this blog post. Cheers!

The elected officials in the Ciy of Loganville are usingnthe iPads during meetings to access documents and review City codes on the spot. They are working great and our officials like the reduction in paper.


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