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Gregory Butera

My two cents:

1) I wouldn’t see the advantage of having yet another email box. I mainly get and pay bills electronically already.

2) I don’t see any advantage for my having an email box that links to my physical address. It is yet another thing to have to manage if I move, and means I’d get spam not just for me but also for previous tenants/owners.

3) The lockbox idea is intriguing, but I’d have significant concerns about security.

4) Closed loop systems can still be spoofed. Spammers would still have the means to send junk in this system.

5) If USPS implemented this, it would probably result in a huge layoff. Though that might happen anyway as technology continues to progress.

6) On the other hand, if this meant elimination of paper junk mail, I’d be all for it! We’d kill fewer trees and help me declutter my coffee table!

I honestly am happy with the current postal service. I think it is high time rates just go up to reflect the market cost of mail. First Class mail should cost at least $1, (and junk mail per piece fees should go up to infinity.)