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If this had been offered a few years ago I would have jumped right in. However the service that is received from USPS today is not something that inspires confidence they could pull this off. Also have to question if they could do this without going even further in debt. I am not sure I would want to trust keeping all of my medical and other important papers in a lockbox that is managed by an organization that could fold at any time. I do like the concept, just wondering if USPS could pull it off.

That being said, yes if this were offered I would give it a try. The opt-in advertisements received via email instead of paper alone might be worth it. Having an account to receive email from businisses and other organizations that means I don’t have to share my personall email address with them would also sound like a good idea to me. The security issues associated with such an account might cause problems, or might be easier to track spammers and those spreading a virus, trojan or other undesirable software since every email address would be associated with a physical address. Certainly worth considering. I would like to see more details on the proposal.