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My next biggest issue with having any sort of ‘national clearing house for your info/data’….privacy anyone? Hacker’s dream as I mentioned above, but it’d be threatened even from within. The IRS would drool over the prospect of having the ability to peek into your assets to see exactly where the money is. So would medicare or your insurance company.

I do agree, that despite some employees of the postal service being upstandin, hardworking and honest people, like any govt agency, they are rife with slackers, buddies, cronies and criminal level mismanagement. They make mistakes all the time, and whoppers too, but there’s no accountability. I mail my credit card payment on time, and the check doesn’t get to its destination, it’s MY fault that the postal service lost it. They drop the ball, I take the fall.

IMHO, they’d treat our data the same way.