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I have to say as a consumer, I would not trust the same folks who can’t stop delivering the mail of a dead guy 6+ years following his death or the mail of someone who’s never lived at my house or in this state because his last name is the same as mine…or his second ex-wife’s mail because they were too lazy to complete change of address forms and apparently when I moved from an apartment 10 miles away from theirs (to 4 states away), my change of address form became theirs? I’ve worked with individual post offices, mail carriers, the deceased’s family members, organizations sending them mail, etc. Although it can be a fun exercise to entirely embarrass some organization about why you are receiving the ex-spouses, second ex-wife’s mail… talk about apologetic!!!

I would love a centralized email account for all individuals of the home tied to the address where junk, bills, etc. could go. I’d love some kind of system tied to my Social Security number for taxes, medical records, voting, legal stuff. Do I think it can happen? Maybe with an entirely new group of folks? NOT with the USPS. Sorry folks, I love you, but you haven’t changed enough with the times or shown the behemoth is manageable with just the bits of paper we continue to let you toy with.