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Mark Hammer

When I first stumbled onto a page at the Dilbert site in 1994, where people could post pictures of their sock puppets, I coined what I like to call “Hammer’s Law” (though perhaps someone else had the same idea many years before and gave it a different name).

In brief, it states that “the cheaper and easier it is to disseminate information, the less discriminating people become about what they consider to BE information“. You can bet your sweet bippy that when one had to hire a scribe to commit to parchment by hand, people were not busy telling anyone in writing what they had for lunch or who they had a crush on. When long-distance phone calls were cost-prohibitive enough that one felt compelled to use surface mail, pay the postage and wait, and either write things out in long-hand, or type away, and wait for the white-out to dry before re-typing over an error, communication was much less flippant, impulsive, and superficial.

I can’t imagine its the same threshold for everyone, but there does eventually come a point when one yearns for the substantive and concise.