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    GovLoop has teamed up with Federal Computer Week (FCW) to stage “The FCW Challenge.” We’re asking six questions, then presenting our community’s feedback to thought leaders for a direct response. Comments may appear in a final series of articles in the June issue of FCW.

    Up for Debate:

    Cybersecurity: This is a job for McGruff the Crime Dog!

    Federal employees are unknowingly placing their agencies at risk for cyber attack by not taking their own personal security measures seriously. The government should launch a new PR campaign to raise awareness and protect itself, its citizens and the economy from cyber warfare.

    What do you think?

    Liked this one? Well tell us your thoughts on some other questions.

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    Srinidhi Boray

    Without any doubt security is an onus on every Federal employee, as well a citizens. Prevention takes lesser money than than the cure.

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    Henry Brown

    As always been an issue, at least since computing power was widely distributed, probably always be an issue.

    Those organization/agencies that understand this are willing to continuously invest the resources to provide more than lip service to keep the awareness at a high enough level to protect its ALL of the resources ALL the time.

    Suspect that a PR campaign will do little more than to get various organizations/agencies who don’t really understand the importance of this issue to provide some level of lip service to the issue and wait for the next cyber attack/PR campaign

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    Christa M. Miller

    What a PR campaign should do is highlight a sustained, ongoing effort to educate and inform. How many times can you hear a McGruff message before you start to tune him out?

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    Maria S. Wieand

    I agree, with our busy schedules we will tune it out. But we need to come up with a better way to protect our government systems.

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    Christine Schaefer

    The DHS is already working on this idea. They had a DHS Cybersecurity Challenge to solicit ideas on how to raise awareness throughout our country – both private and public sector. I am quite certain they had many submissions, my company submitted one that I think was pretty great.

    Here’s the link to their page:

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    I like the idea but also worry would be criticized by all side by the “government conspiracy” folks…Internal training for federal employees could be improved – make it less a boring requirement and actually practical and useful.

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    John Monroe

    Here is an excerpt from an intriguing comment posted at

    The truth is that we don’t have sufficient security expertise and security experts to provide a secure, on-line environment for the entire world – the technology (and the hacker) is moving too fast for that. We would be better-off to reconsider (1) if everything that is online has to be online, and (2) if everything that has to be on line needs to be on a public network – a judicious decision here would at least reduce the vulnerability to our most precious assets.

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    John Monroe

    Another provocative comment from

    In DoD, everyone already gets annual training. They ignore it. Since they never discipline anyone for allowing breaches, fear does not work as a motivator. The response has been to lock down hardware and perimeter controls so tightly as to impede mission capability. DoD, and the rest of FedGov, needs their own trusted internet for mission work, and make people walk over to a machine in the corner to interact with the outside world.

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    John Monroe

    FCW has posted an article from Robert Dix in response to this FCW Challenge debate.

    Dix, as you might know, is a former staff director for the House Government Reform Committee’s Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and the Census Subcommittee. He is now a vice president of government affairs at Juniper.

    Here is an excerpt of his article:

    “It’s been estimated that as many as 80 percent of exploitable vulnerabilities would be mitigated with basic cybersecurity hygiene, such as patching, anti-virus updates, password management, and so on. These simple tasks do not require huge investments or large information technology staffs — but they do require greater awareness and education.

    “During last May’s historic speech on cybersecurity, President Barack Obama called for a national public awareness and education campaign as one of 10 short-term action items. Who will lead that effort? Who will be the public face that raises awareness for home users, small business, non-profits, and computer users of all ages to improve their cyber hygiene and raise the bar of protection for all of us?”

    You can read the full article at

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    Belarus Smith

    The 2010 Cyber Security Awareness Month is Quickly approaching, and I have seen very little on the web on the topic. The DHS page hasn’t been updated, White House hasn’t been updated, etc.
    The only information that I can find is on the and that information seems to be the same as the 2009 materials, except that the year has been updated to 2010

    In the midst of concerns about education and outreach to everyone regarding risks and good practices, I thought that NCSAM would receive more attention than it has so far. October is approaching, and I am looking for a fresh approach.
    Does anyone know of NEW resources for ideas, activities, topics, etc that work well for a Federal Agency program?

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