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    Sterling Whitehead

    It’s Open Enrollment Season until December 13! That means fill your needs and fill our teeth.

    I’m looking at federal dental supplement plans…but I’m a bit overwhelmed. Naturally, I turn to the GovLoop Community.

    What do you think is the best dental plan for fed employees? Why? What stories do you have?

    P.S. Here’s the link to the plans

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    Henry Brown

    Perhaps a more valid link:

    Suspect that a question like this is similar to “The Best car is _____” …

    When the vision and dental plans came out a couple of years ago MY approach was to take the the various plans to my dentist, and to my optometrist. The issue was not that either the dentist or optometrist did NOT accept any of the plans but which plan would be the best for me and my wife. (am currently an empty nester). The dentist suggested 2 plans that would be the best fit for us and the Optometrist suggested one plan.

    Would Highly recommend doing the same for anyone considering getting or changing any medical/dental/vision insurance program.

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    Kathy Perisich

    I went through this very same thing last year. I decided to enroll with Company A. I then found out that I needed a crown. I should tell you that I live in a medically underserved part of the country. There was only 1 person in my community that could do a root canal. Oh goody. Long story short, I got the crown….to the tune of almost $1,400.00 out of my pocket, after my primary insurance paid AND my supplemental dental insurance paid.

    The moral to this story is to check with your dentist and see what the additional insurance will actually pay. I have been told that you pay just as much with supplemental dental insurance as you do if you don’t have it. Seems that the dentists just pocket what is paid by the supplemental. I do know that my primary dentist stopped billing me when I forced the issue of having supplemental insurance. But, I bet if I had paid the bill that came in the mail, I would have never seen a refund.

    I have decided to go with Company B this year. In the benefits section, they actually pay 10% more and the premium is slightly lower than Company A.

    Any kind of insurance, be it health, vision or dental is really a very personal thing. It all depends on what YOU need coverage for. Someone with perfect vision will not need additional vision insurance. Someone with dentures will not necessarily need supplemental dental insurance.

    All I know is that I paid a heck of a lot of money out of my pocket for something I thought would be covered in full with the supplemental dental insurance.

    Hope my experience wasn’t typical.

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    heather wild

    I have had a great expereince with MetLife dental. They have a few different plan options and you can taylor it to your needs. I had to get an implant and MetLife paid for most of it and really helped me out. I am going on my 3rd year with MetLife dental and I am happy with their services and highly recommend it.

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    Tammie Shipe

    That is a tough question – each person has their preferences (like Ford or Chevy) and also have different needs (mini van, sports car, etc).
    I like the advice to ask your dentist. My husband has carried Metlife (self+1) for the past two years without any problems — just make sure your dentist’s office gets anything more than a cavity pre-certified.
    This year we are switching to GEHA for family. He has an adult daughter that needs some work and is in a medically underserved area (no preferred providers and GEHA has good out-of-network coverage).
    I would recommend using the comparison tool on the OPM site and reading the details. We do not have vision coverage. But with my research, found that GEHA dental also has a ‘free’ add-on with some vision coverage.

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