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By now you've jumped into the work week intent on forgetting the amount of turkey you've eaten in the past few days. Some may have enjoyed the long weekend, others decided to put in a full days work on Friday while the office was in a rare state of peace and quiet.  I've enjoyed both options over the past few years. Long weekends are good, but so are quiet days to catch up on some work.

What are your holiday leave preferences? Use some leave and make the holidays last? Or stay in the office, put on a cup of coffee, and bust out that performance appraisal you've been meaning to write?


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Before kids or after kids? :)

I used to be that guy in the office on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was always nice and quiet. Got a lot done. I still work that Friday - just now it's at home, on my laptop for a couple of hours in the morning, sitting on the couch while kids get their cartoon fix.

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This year I am going to be doing a little bit of both. I will be traveling, but also doing some work from the road. This way I can enjoy the company of my friends and family while being semi-productive and getting some work done.


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