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Personally, I'm stunned that Congress allowed sequestration and all it's consequences to occur in these great United States Of America. But furlough's have arrived and will continue throughout the summer (and beyond?). A 20% pay cut can really hurt, and helping out our fellow public servants goes without saying.

But for us lucky ones that don't need to pick up a second job, we have an opportunity to make the most of a bad situation. We can update our resumes, volunteer more, catch up on our hobbies, spend time with family and friends, sharpen the saw, call your mom, clean the house, read more books, and so on. We have all no doubt thought about what we are going to do with our Furlough Fridays. Here at Los Angeles Air Force Base, many civilians are getting together at the beach this friday to kick-off Furlough Fridays. Luckily, the beach is free and nearby.

So what are your PLANS? Let's revisit this topic at the end of September and see if you followed through on your Furlough Friday Plan.

I'll get started: Spend time with YGL-LA, excercise more, read more books, relax at the beach.


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Ah the lucky one's that don't need to pick up a second job..... You are not allowed to work another job while on furlough.  That was in the memo.  Most us at the bottom of Uncle Sam's food chain had already thought of that.  In order to keep morale up, we have Furlough Friday AND Monday every other week.  Every other weekend is a four day weekend.  Our pro active supervisor told us to go for it.  Our support to the warfighter will be cut in half every Monday and every Friday until October. So our Sailors and Marines will have to wait until they can board something that floats, flies or can transport them via four wheels. The Depots are parking refits on the fence.

I have a "Furlough Garden" and will be spending my furlough days tending it and picking from it's bounty, as our family budget has been cut by 20%.  Twenty percent may not be much to a GS 13, but it's a big chunk out of a GS 5 (not living in the beltway).  It really doesn't matter what kind of positive spin one tries to make of the is wrong, just plain wrong and the civil servants in this country have been had.  There is a beautiful beach here too on the east coast.  But one must have gas money to go and extra money to hang at the pubs on the beach.  

Interesting! I haven't read everything regarding additional jobs during furlough's but I did find this in one particular memo dated May 22, "executive branch-wide standards of ethical conduct and rules regarding outside employment continue to apply when an individual is furloughed (specifically, the executive branch-wide standards of ethical conduct, at 5 CFR Part 2635). In addition, there are specific statutes that prohibit certain outside activities." If you have anymore insight, please share!

A "Furlough Garden" is a great idea, I wish I had land to grow one on. In regards to morale, I recently read an article on the WP Federal Diary called "Defense workers speak out about furloughs" which has many different takes on the morale problem that furloughs are causing.

For those of us who work "semi industrial" we cannot work outside in the trade we have...i.e. work on planes, boats, boat engines, plane engines....if you are a gov fleet mechanic, you can't get a job as a mechanic.

I read the article you posted as well as the comments.  Govexec, Fed Daily are also lead stories.  However, as I find with GovLoop...."if it's not shiny happy news, innovative, tech savvy or fun" doesn't get the press.  Even though 650,000 of their federal civil service workers are losing pay, losing leave accrual, etc.  Right now there is a hiring freeze, the boomer tsunami has been kicked up a they are leaving.  College kids recent grads are running as far away from gov service as they can get due to what his happening now.  Production/refit of planes, ships and anything gov with wheels....has been slowed to a crawl.  In our case only 1/2 the workers are there 2 days a week.  Our tenant command, is shut completely down every Friday.  No one is working on Friday.

Julie, that definitely makes the furlough situation a lot worse. I did not know that semi-industrial cannot get a second job, nor have I read about it anywhere. I'm glad you shared that with us. I found another article you may be interested in: The Furloughed Files


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