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Nowadays people use social media for just about everything- keeping in touch with friends and family, geting their news, shopping, and interacting with organizations. People are even taking to Facebook and their Twitter accounts to lodge complaints- from bad airline experiences to disorganized websites and everything in between. According to a recent report, 47% of all social media users have asked questions or shared issues, needs and concerns via social media. Moreover, one in three users prefer to reach out to a brand for customer service through a social channel compared to the phone. Some organizations are recognizing this trend and monitoring their social media accounts for opportunities to interact with customers. With the immediacy and relative ease of social media, it really is the perfect opportunity to wow a customer.

Here are 5 tips for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool:

  1. When using Twitter, create a secondary account specifically for customer service
  2. Reply quickly
  3. Let the customer know who they are engaging with- actually sign your response with a name and title
  4. Reply in a friendly and helpful manner
  5. Create a system of checks and balances- Did you follow up? How long did it take? Are they lingering issues?

Revamping your customer service structure to accomodate social media inquires, complaints and questions obviously takes time (especially in government agencies). But, as more and more people take to social media to interact with organizations, it will become a necessary part of a good customer service strategy. 

How is your organization using social media as a customer service tool? 


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