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I posted this to the FCN group as well, but I'm interested stretching my team in different directions.  While they are awesome at the core aspects of their jobs, I want to bring in some fresh ideas and perspective.  I'm hoping there are other communications shops in the DC area that might be interested in working something out.


Thanks in advance, I greatly appreciate any tips or assistance!

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Sounds like a great idea. What federal agency are you with?

I am a PAO at the National Transportation Safety Board and I just completed a five month detail at the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (our "baby" sister agency - NTSB is 400 employees, CSB is 40) and it was a terrific learning experience.


Feel free to drop me a line at to talk about this idea further.



Bridget - just saying hi.

Thanks Bridget -- we're in DOD, specifically the Naval Air Systems Command down in Southern Maryland.


I'll send you a note!

Fascinating idea - basically swapping PA peeps to cross-train by tackling the problems of another agency for a defined period? That's pretty cool...

(Cross-post from FCN group)

@Victor - if you have a program (even a pilot program) in place you can submit a blurb for the next FCN newsletter. If you provide the info by January 15 that should be fine. Our Board member Kathleen Taylor is producing the next issue, and I'd be happy to forward the blurb to her. You could also post something on our Facebook page - see our full list of social media outlets at our web page (I'll cross-post this to the main GL page)


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