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I have been a member of SHRM since 2006. I passed the SPHR exam in 2007 and just re-certified so I am good until 2013 now. I work in a HR Development position for DoD.

To be honest, I rarely go to the SHRM website. I only know one or two other HR colleagues that are certified & members of SHRM. How do you all feel about the SHRM membership & certification for government employees? Do you feel it is worthwhile?

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Hi Juan, I passed the SPHR in 2004 and have maintained my certification while working at several agencies in HR (Postal Service, Park Service and now Forest Service). While there is a lot of difference between the private and public/federal HR world, I get a lot of good ideas from the SHRM website that I try to use in my current position. For example, when I am planning a training session on employee relations or workforce planning, I will review some of their research materials and information available in their toolkits for ideas or examples to use. I have also used their express requests and the Ask an HR Advisor option when researching various topics. Their sample forms, presentations, and interview questions have also been helpful when I'm stumped and looking for new ideas. I think being certified, going to conferences and staying plugged into new HR ideas is definitely worth it!

Although I am not certified, yet, I have been a SHRM member for several years and also use the website for the informative articles, and statistical insights. The articles help me to make key points with my leadership and the statistics help me clarify impact and results that sadly is something under-emphasized in government.


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