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IPMA-HR Highlighted on FEDtalk® Radio Show. FEDtalk® hosts Diana Veilleux and Lisa Bernstein were joined by IPMA-HR Executive Director Neil Reichenberg and IPMA-HR Federal Advisory Committee Chair Stephanie Diamond on September 25. During the show, Reichenberg and Diamond provided an overview of IPMA-HR and the many challenges facing HR professionals today. To listen to the Sept. 25 broadcast, click on/cut and paste

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Federal HR offices have lost so much collective intellectual capacity over the past 5 -10 years (or so) that they are on the verge of becoming inoperable. For example:
-- While Classification is dead as a specialty, we still need to pretend that we have and maintain a position classification system. Many offices have trouble even pretending.
-- Ask you average staffing specialist if they have heard of the "Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures" or the "4/5s rule." I guarantee that you will see nothing but a blank stare.
-- Check out the age of Position Descriptions in agencies. MANY are still using PDs written in the '80s (around the time the IBM PC was launched.) An average age of 15 years is common.

Federal hiring has always been hard but has not always been broken. While we fiddle around the edges and change what is easily changeable, we avoid the difficult determinations.
#1 - Federal HR as an honored and prestigious profession is on the critical list. The last of the truly great ones -- the brain trust -- are retiring and the promising ones who have joined our ranks over the years are leaving in droves for other, more respected professions.
#2 - True change can only be realized when we change the law, the hundreds of laws passed since the late '40s (often in direct conflict with each other) and the court decrees that define today’s HR environment. You can't call it a "merit system" when the lists of exceptions fill pages.

HR Professional Development? Restore the profession and then start developing.


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