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If you were designing the ideal USAJOBS, what would you change? What features would it include that perhaps are not available today? If you were starting from scratch and could do anything, what would it look like?

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Nobody else has commented. Is there that little interest or is the current design fine as is??

I would suggest adding...
-- Consistent integration with agency ATS systems, to include reverse interface of key applicant flow data for government wide reporting and progress tracking
-- Access to recruiting outreach tools - diversity, disabled, vets.
-- Expanded Applicant Notification (To include... If status included such notes as "Rated Best Qualified for GS-XXX-XX, 'Title"), then the person could be identified on USAJOBS and asked to apply to equivalent positions)
-- Information on personel regs, pay systems and pay plans for agencies that are not on GS, including OPM demonstration projects (ATF lab pay)
-- Include excepted service jobs (1/3 of executive branch) as well as all judiciary/court and legislative branch agency jobs (When a taxpayer sees USAJOBS and read OPM's description, they think they are seing all federal jobs, not just competitive service jobs in the executive branch. That's a distinction they don't.. and shouldn't have to understand.)
-- Information to manage applicant expectations.
How cool would it be if for major job categories there was maybe a 30-60 second video of a "realistic job preview"!! Perhaps not for every position, but certain classes or positions. This may be especially helpful for people entering Federal service to view a little "day-in-the-life" of what you might be doing in these positions? As a recruitment tool for attracting younger generation into Federal sevice, this would be helpful and perhaps viewed as somewhat progressive. They could actually view and then apply using their iPad. Or maybe Apple has already created a USAJOBS App (maybe that's another idea). Now, someone is going to say that we don't have enough network bandwidth, or it's expensive, or what jobs would we do it for, or even that this is a stupid idea. Well this was a response to a "Wish List" request.

You are on the right track. A mobile app would be great but I really like the idea of the occupational guidance. In addition to "Day in the Life," true insight is needed like what are the NEXT occupations for people in this job (management? cross-over to another specialty, ???) Also, what is the principal SOURCE for people that take this job (college, movement from some other career, promotion from paraprofessional ranks, ???)
Lot of great ideas - Keep 'em coming!

Note: We have an iPhone/iPad app coming out next month. We will follow that up with a mobile app for other platforms later in the year.

We are in the process of developing our next evolution of USAJOBS - or "USAJOBS 3.0". Some of the ideas you mentioned are in the plans, which include:

- improved integration with agency Talent Acquisition Systems, including using USAJOBS as THE document repository for resumes/supporting documentation and primary interface for applicant interactions
- integration with assessment tools to provide valid/reliable screening capabilities for cross-cutting competencies/occupations
- collection of RNO/applicant demographic information for MD-715 reporting (although reporting will be done in the TAS)
And in next phases:
- enhanced Governmentwide reporting capability to support business process improvement and applicant dashboards
- interconnections with other recruiting/hiring tools, such as alternative sourcing channels, additional assessments, onboarding tools, etc.
- tools to support applicant self-assessment and career exploration

The excepted service issue is a tougher nut to crack. We currently post this information in the Info Center on USAJOBS, but I agree that many applicants are unaware that not all jobs are found in the job listings. We don't have any means of requiring these jobs be posted, so we plan to meet with a number of agencies to see what value added services we can provide as an incentive for them to list their opportunities with USAJOBS. One thought was to create an "ad" space (e.g. that give them exposure, but wouldn't require the full integration of their staffing system).

I'm open for suggestions!!
For the legislative and judicial branch agencies, including the courts, ask permission (even though private companies do scrape and don't ask) and then scrape the sites include a job summary and a link back to the application sites. Fo the executive branch agencies, you could scrape their sites as well, without permission.
#1 - I believe that every stakeholder would benefit if agencies attracted FAR FEWER but BETTER FIT candidates with their hiring processes. This "Holy Grail" could be achieved by reforming the front-end communications process to empower potential applicants to better differentiate between poor fit jobs and good fit jobs among the thousands of vacancies posted on USAJOBS.

#2 - Agencies need better tools and techniques for improving the diversity of the applicant pools and precision targeting the vets and disabled Americans that would be a good fit for their agency jobs. The emphasis is on precision targeting, not “posting and praying.” Agency HR staffs know that the RIGHT people are out there, they just can't find them!

#3 - Agencies need better tools and techniques for reaching "the best and brightest" mid-career workers. By and large, the current recruitment and outreach tools used are only touching people who are actively looking for jobs. They seek better tools for reaching the skilled mid-career workers, who already have jobs, are cherished by their employers and aren’t actively looking but would welcome the right opportunity to work for the federal government.

I think USAJOBS does a lot of things right.


Some problems I faced when looking for jobs at USAJOBS

-Lots of noise and lots of jobs....How do I filter to find the best ones?  Either the ones with best promotion potential, most # of openings, etc

-Hard to know what it's really like in that specific division.  Often you apply for a job and you vaguely know about DHS but what you really need to know is if the DHS/ICE/OCIO/IT Security division is cool

What other problems do people face?

I would like to see web browsers compatibility with safari added.


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