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The crisis was averted...temporarily...again. The 11th
hour deal made Friday night will fund the gov't through
mid next week until the agreed deal can be finalized.
While no shutdown is good people are still frustrated
and have every right to be skeptical until the deal is officially
signed. So what are people saying: What does it
all mean? Do you have questions?  Are you upset
about it? Whatever the case, we want to hear your
insights, get answers for you or at least get that venting
off your chest. Oh, and see that box on the right? Ask
your questions there. Below you'll find GovLoop blogs
and forums, keeping your finger on the pulse of what
other govies are saying about the shutdown.

Official Shutdown Resources




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Furlough Numbers By Agency



Want to have a day on instead of a day off
should the government really shut down?

We're working with these folks to serve instead of stay home:










Right now, all government agencies
are open as Congress works to sign the agreed agreement from April 8th at 11pm

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