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10 Tips to Humanize Your Agency's Social Media

Why is your organization on social media? Is it just because everyone else is doing it? Or are you trying to reach more people, to engage with your customers, to educate, entertain, and be part of a conversation?

People are pretty good these days about scanning through their feeds, and weeding out anything that doesn't touch them personally – which leaves very little room for organizations who operate behind stiff, unapproachable online…


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Can Pintrest Make Local Public Engagement More Effective?

We were intrigued by this commsgodigital piece on the ways that Pintrest can be used by local government officials for public engagement, and we wanted to share it with the NCDD community. The article was penned by Andrew Coulson, a local community engagement officer, and you can read it below or find the original commsgodigital piece by…


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How To Maintain Trust & Reliability Through Email Branding

By Koi Hernandez, Design Fellow at GovDelivery

Jeff Bezos, technology entrepreneur and CEO of Amazon gives a powerful statement of what a brand is, he states “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” A brand is simply the first or last impression you leave your stakeholders. It is your reputation. By maintaining a…


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Introducing GSA’s Federal Acquisition Marketplace - Plus the 7 Stories

Introducing GSA’s Federal Acquisition Marketplace


Is it better for government to have multiple contracts run by multiple organizations -- or is it better to have one big government contract shop which can then drive down costs.


Tom Sharpe, the commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, clearly believes that it is…


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How an Integrated Master Schedule Can Avert Program Management Disaster

DAU sample IMS Gantt Chart

Image Credit: Defense Acquisition University. Sample IMS Gantt Chart.

Congratulations! It’s your first day at your new job as a Program Manager (PM).…


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Optimizing Blog Posts: 11 Essential Considerations

Optimizing blog posts requires a fair bit of both art and science. Over the past four+ years, and particularly after working in the platform since the spring of 2013, I've learned a lot both about what TO do and what NOT to do. I've also learned a great deal from regularly curating content created by others.

I recently published the third edition of …


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Algorithm Detected Ebola Outbreak Nine Days Before Health Authorities Using Internet Posts

There's a great article over at TechRepublic by Lyndsey Gilpin on how the computer algorithm behind HealthMap detected the recent Ebola outbreak nine days before it was identified by health authorities.


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Todd Park Stepping Down as CTO: An assessment + 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:

  • For years the IT community has been building walls and digging moats to keep out cyber attacks. Now the focus has changed. Rather than zero-in on outside invaders, security experts have set their sights on internal vulnerability. We take a look at the new approach with Force 3’s Greg…


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Technical Aspects of Opening Data: How it’s Made

Opening data is a complex, sometimes messy, undertaking. It’s a technical issue, but like the old Reese’s commercial, there’s no right way to get it done.

Simply understanding the language and process can help lead to a workable approach for opening data in your city or agency.

To help clarify some of the technical aspects of opening data, we recently sat down with the Director of Analytics and Performance Management for the City of Chicago Tom Schenk, Open Data Program Manager…


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Do You Need a Whack on the Side of Your Head?

More specifically, do you need help embracing your creativity?

I can hear some of you saying right now, “what creativity”?

Relax, you’ve got it.  Even if you don’t think you use it often, it’s there.  Let’s figure out how to brush it off a bit. Ready?

If you haven’t read the book referenced in this blog’s title,…


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A Brief History of Open Data and GIS

The following is an excerpt from our latest guide on Open Data & GIS: Better Understanding Our World.

In December 2007, a group of open data activists met in Sebastopol, California to discuss the promise of open data for government. This meeting would set the foundation for the…


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Want to Telecommute? What You Need to Know About Flexible Work Arrangements

Back in June, the president issued a directive to all executive level departments, calling on them to expand the use and availability of flexible work arrangements that make it easier for employees to enjoy greater work/life balance. “In doing so, we can help ensure that the Federal workforce is engaged and empowered to deliver exceptional and efficient service to the American public while meeting family and other needs at home,” the president said. The agencies were asked to review their…


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It’s Hurricane Season—Informing Federal Disaster Management

Hurricane season is well under way, and we’re highlighting some of our reports and resources that can help inform…


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You Can Only Build So Many Walls

For years the IT community has been building walls and digging moats to keep out cyber attackers. Now the focus has shifted. Rather than zero-in on outside invaders, security experts have set their sights on internal vulnerability. - Federal Times.


Automation alone can't prevent…


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Jumpstarting Your Community With IT

State and local governments face a challenge when deploying new IT solutions. CIOs must build the right digital services that their constituents demand, and also must design IT systems and architectures that…


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Government Agencies Need to Think Open First With All Content

Last week the Clean Energy Regulator released a calendar that illustrates when other government agencies use National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting data.

Called the National Greenhouse…

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Made a Mistake at Work? How to Learn Lessons and Move On

You'll take chances that don't work out. You'll put your trust in someone and they'll let you down. You'll misjudge your leaps. You'll drop the ball. 

Making mistakes is a natural part of our learning process, and living in fear of making them can hinder us from trying new things – and becoming our best. As George Bernard Shaw said: “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing…


Added by Jessie Kwak on August 26, 2014 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

Strategizing for NASA, Part 6: Walmart in China and CAGE Distance

With saturation in the United States market achieved in the 1990’s, Walmart began an aggressive international expansion, targeting China as one of its top priorities to fuel continued growth in the company. Due to its past success, Walmart brought its same Every Day Low Prices strategy to the Chinese market. Yet Walmart has discovered the hard way that its EDLP strategy does not align with the typical Chinese consumer – the flaw was in thinking that the Chinese consumer would be similar to…


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Friends with Agendas (FWA)

From Morguefile

Why don’t companies “get” social? Why do consultants have such a hard time helping clients to leverage social networks and tools for business value? Perhaps it is because in ‘doing social,’ (rather than being social), you become the FWA. The “friends with benefits” is a well-understood concept,…


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This is something I am working on that is predominantly focused on the UK, but there's no reason why people from across the world can't get involved!

I’d like to propose VirtualGovCamp.

It will be an online event, lasting a month – probably in February. The sessions will not be synchronous, that is, you don’t have to be online at the same time as a bunch of other people to get involved. So I’m not talking webinars.

Each session will have a page on the…


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