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Melbourne “People’s Panel” Citizens into Public Decisions

We wanted to make sure the NCDD community saw an article from The Age about an intriguing new development in Melbourne, Australia where the city council is working with the good people at The newDemocracy Foundation - an NCDD organizational member – to create a “People’s Panel”. We encourage you to read more about it below or to find the original…


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Next Generation of GIS Software - Open House

As a loyal Esri fan, I couldn't let this open house go by unnoticed!

At the R&D open house "you’ll see the latest Esri developments and meet the software engineers who are building the next generation of GIS software and online mapping capabilities. Experts will be on hand to listen to your requirements and answer any…


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Digital Engagement Strategy Series: Measure and Analyze Outreach Results

By John Simpson, Engagement Consultant at GovDelivery

There are a few basic components that anyone can leverage when beginning to develop the framework for their digital engagement strategy or evaluate an existing one. This blog post is part of a larger series tied to our recent …


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Engagement Has Moved Online - Have Governments?

A few years ago I heard it said by political advisors that one hand-written letter to a Minister counts for more than 100 emails on the same topic.

The perception was that if someone sat down and wrote their thoughts in long-hand it showed more interest and commitment than if they typed and posted them online in a blog, social network or website.

I believe this has changed slightly, with emails now accorded almost equal status with postal mail (largely by…

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Army Tries to Solve Supply Chain Management Problems with Mobile Apps - Plus 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:


  • The federal government procurement process has followed the same formula for decades with little adapting to the face-paced, technological demands of today. What does this lack of change mean for the future of the procurement system? A major overhaul, minor tweaking, or staying with the status quo? We discuss a…


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Some of the Best Federal Employee Discounts You Can Get

There are few people who wouldn’t mind saving a dollar here or there, and a number of companies offer federal employees discounts on a variety of essentials, from computers and cell phones to flights and hotels. But the best advice? Before you buy something, ask if a discount is available for federal employees—the worst you can hear is “no.”


Below is a list of some of the best federal employee discounts out there. But take note, there are many additional discounts available…


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MBA or MPA? Not Sure? Check Out This Infographic

Every few months there seems to be an active discussion on GovLoop about the best type of graduate program for government employees. Some folks insist an MBA, others proclaim the MPA is the only way to go.  The truth is probably somewhere in the middle and most likely depends on the individual needs of the specific person.

While I have no definitive answer for you, this infographic outlines some key similarities and differences. 

To view infographic and original blog post click…


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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Enabling a Cost-Effective and Flexible Workforce [New Report]

As IT administrators and chief information officers, you face a particular challenge: facilitate the ability for your agency to work remotely, while reducing costs, protecting your data and assuring compliance. Your employees need flexibility in the way they work, as well as the ability to connect to resources anywhere, anytime.


Thanks to advances in technology, today you have an unprecedented opportunity to change the way your agency operates. IT leaders are exploring the…


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How Agencies Can Take a New Approach on Procurement

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”


This common phrase can be said for a lot of bureaucratic procedures: they’re slow to change and can eventually fall into a rut.


Like any change-adverse person, federal agencies have become too comfortable with an old-school procurement process.…


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10 Tips to Humanize Your Agency's Social Media

Why is your organization on social media? Is it just because everyone else is doing it? Or are you trying to reach more people, to engage with your customers, to educate, entertain, and be part of a conversation?

People are pretty good these days about scanning through their feeds, and weeding out anything that doesn't touch them personally – which leaves very little room for organizations who operate behind stiff, unapproachable online…


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Protecting Workers’ Safety and Health

caution_sign_300_DPI The unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is a holiday for celebrating the economic and social contributions of the American worker. It’s also a good time to think about protecting those workers from occupational hazards. We have many federal safety and health standards to protect workers at more than 8 million U.S. worksites, but accidents at worksites are not uncommon. For example, in an 18-month…


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Can Pinterest Make Local Public Engagement More Effective?

We were intrigued by this commsgodigital piece on the ways that Pinterest can be used by local government officials for public engagement, and we wanted to share it with the NCDD community. The article was penned by Andrew Coulson, a local community engagement officer, and you can read it below or find the original commsgodigital piece by…


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How To Maintain Trust & Reliability Through Email Branding

By Koi Hernandez, Design Fellow at GovDelivery

Jeff Bezos, technology entrepreneur and CEO of Amazon gives a powerful statement of what a brand is, he states “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” A brand is simply the first or last impression you leave your stakeholders. It is your reputation. By maintaining a…


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Introducing GSA’s Federal Acquisition Marketplace - Plus the 7 Stories

Introducing GSA’s Federal Acquisition Marketplace


Is it better for government to have multiple contracts run by multiple organizations -- or is it better to have one big government contract shop which can then drive down costs.


Tom Sharpe, the commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, clearly believes that it is…


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How an Integrated Master Schedule Can Avert Program Management Disaster

DAU sample IMS Gantt Chart

Image Credit: Defense Acquisition University. Sample IMS Gantt Chart.

Congratulations! It’s your first day at your new job as a Program Manager (PM).…


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Optimizing Blog Posts: 11 Essential Considerations

Optimizing blog posts requires a fair bit of both art and science. Over the past four+ years, and particularly after working in the platform since the spring of 2013, I've learned a lot both about what TO do and what NOT to do. I've also learned a great deal from regularly curating content created by others.

I recently published the third edition of …


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Algorithm Detected Ebola Outbreak Nine Days Before Health Authorities Using Internet Posts

There's a great article over at TechRepublic by Lyndsey Gilpin on how the computer algorithm behind HealthMap detected the recent Ebola outbreak nine days before it was identified by health authorities.


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Todd Park Stepping Down as CTO: An assessment + 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:

  • For years the IT community has been building walls and digging moats to keep out cyber attacks. Now the focus has changed. Rather than zero-in on outside invaders, security experts have set their sights on internal vulnerability. We take a look at the new approach with Force 3’s Greg…


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Technical Aspects of Opening Data: How it’s Made

Opening data is a complex, sometimes messy, undertaking. It’s a technical issue, but like the old Reese’s commercial, there’s no right way to get it done.

Simply understanding the language and process can help lead to a workable approach for opening data in your city or agency.

To help clarify some of the technical aspects of opening data, we recently sat down with the Director of Analytics and Performance Management for the City of Chicago Tom Schenk, Open Data Program Manager…


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Do You Need a Whack on the Side of Your Head?

More specifically, do you need help embracing your creativity?

I can hear some of you saying right now, “what creativity”?

Relax, you’ve got it.  Even if you don’t think you use it often, it’s there.  Let’s figure out how to brush it off a bit. Ready?

If you haven’t read the book referenced in this blog’s title,…


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