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Two Free Twitter Network Visualization Tools

Network Visualization

Lately, my associates and I have been doing quite a bit of social network visualization research for clients, typically using raw social data and comprehensive, fee-based custom tools. While these are great for deep analysis and strategic planning, sometimes a simple free tool can do the trick if all you are looking for is quick high-level insights. I would like to…


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Playing Telephone With Gov Communication

Did you ever play the game telephone as a kid? It was one of my favorite games, because no matter how hard you tried, the message always got muddled somewhere along the way.


Messages from government leaders can also run the risk of a telephone-esque misunderstanding.


In the…


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Does Government Need an Exit Strategy for Facebook? 6 Ideas From our Experts

The average person spends a half hour every day on Facebook, according to Blog Herald. How do you spend your 30 minutes?

Surely you want every selfie, status update, and post to get attention from your…


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7 Ideas for the U.S. Digital Service

This week it was announced that the U.S. federal government is creating a U.S. Digital Service team led by Mikey Dickerson with a goal to "improve and…


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JPG, PNG or GIF? Which image format should you be using in your digital design?

By Brendan Johnson, Design Intern at GovDelivery As government communicators, often we have to work with design in all formats, especially digital design. But when you need to throw a picture up on your website, into an email, or send out in a social media post, is it a quick and easy process? Do you …

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How to Bake in Security - Without Ruining the Cake

The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) mandates very detailed security practices. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has an entire division focused on creating security guidance documents. As security becomes more of a focus the nomenclature of these documents seeps into your daily lingo.…


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Cross-Cultural Illiteracy, the Invisible Engagement Barrier

Tyrantis a character-driven show about a fictitious country in the Middle East that is painfully lumbering toward freedom. Every episode shows the characters confronting some external conflict that brings up painful memories, unresolved conflicts, and inner motivations they'd rather not confront.

As an adult raised cross-culturally, the most interesting thing about this show is watching the difference between how…


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Managing Comments Online: 10 Recommendations

Even though social media is fully integrated into the global culture and economy, many leaders are still reluctant to put themselves and/or their organizations in a position where they may have to listen to and/or engage with various stakeholders via these public channels. They tend to fear potential reputational harm and/or the stickiness of having to respond to criticism and negative feedback in an…


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LinkedIn: Deciphering and Maximizing the Professional Networking Service

By Chuck Brooks, Vice President and Client Executive, Department of Homeland Security

Since launching in 2003, the social networking service LinkedIn has become an increasingly popular avenue for professional networking and interaction. LinkedIn provides a valuable platform for business engagement in all industries, including government services, but its potential is wasted if you’re not properly educated or committed to maximizing your presence.

I recently had the…


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Agency Leaders Protected Teleworkers Who Lied About Their Hours - Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:

  • In a few short weeks kids will be back to school. So in order to help you get back into the knowledge cycle, Tom Fox from the Partnership for Public Service has eight books you need to read.


You can find all of…


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The "-Stat" Movement Turns Twenty

Harvard’s Bob Behn has been working on his latest book about the “-Stat” movement for more than a decade.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release and told him I would read and share my impressions with others.  In his inimitable response, he just asked that I spelled “Behn” and “PerformanceStat” correctly.…


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GAO’s Internship Experience

gao1 As summer’s barbecues and beach days wind down, so do the experiences of a select group of graduate and undergraduate students in GAO’s Student Intern Program. We talked to some of them about their experiences.

Student interns are hired to contribute to our teams and gain experience in the roles of analysts, program staff, or technical staff. Our paid summer interns work with us for 10 to16 weeks. Interns…


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8 Books You Need to Read This Summer

With mobile technology, 24/7 news coverage, Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, iPhones, and other constant updates, sometimes we just need to stop and reflect. Take a breath.


Really, take a breath. Sometimes you gain the most by slowing down and reading a good book. Holding…


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Wellness at Work

The state of our bodies and minds can be an accurate barometer of our professional success and personal happiness.  When we are healthy, we have high energy and improved mental acuity. We are better able to manage the unexpected events that may come our way and experience a calmer temperament that allows us to interact peacefully and productively with those around us. 

Many times work schedules, deadlines and travel can interfere with our commitment to eat healthier and stay in shape.…


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Going Beyond Traditional Learning Programs - Lessons from GAO's Chief Learning Officer

70% of learning is informal, so it's time for managers to think beyond just traditional training programs

On September 3, 2014, American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) will be hosting the…


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3 Ways You're Fooling Yourself About Productivity

Many of us keep our days chock full from sunup to sundown, but in the end we still feel swamped by our to do lists. It's such a common feeling in our society that productivity gurus have made millions selling us books, apps, and systems designed to boost our work output.

The problem with even the most well-designed system is that it often comes head to head against some deeply entrenched untruths we tell ourselves about our work habits.…


Added by Jessie Kwak on August 12, 2014 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Content Marketing: Why Blogging Needs to be a Part of Your Growth Strategy

I stumbled across a blog post from HubSpot the other day on the benefits of business blogging ("The Benefits of Business Blogging: Why Businesses Do It, and You Should Too" by Corey Eridon). Among the top benefits cited in the article were the following:

  1. Blogging helps drive traffic to your website,

  2. It helps convert that traffic into leads,

  3. And it helps establish your authority.

In short, business blogging drives growth.…


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Strategizing for NASA, Part 4: The FBI and Transformational Change

In response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began a strategic transformation from a law-enforcement to a threat-focused intelligence agency. A case study1 of the progress in the transformation at the FBI shows how strategic resources propelled by inertia, along with the psychology of loss, can get in the way of executing a transformational strategy. The FBI is still coping with the transformation,…


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How to Start Your New IT Journey

Government needs a way to think holistically about IT, not letting solutions fall into separate silos

Technology has connected government to citizens in meaningful ways. With an ability to reach people through a variety of social channels…


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3 Ways to Build Interest in Your Agency Through Social Media

Now that social media has permeated our everyday lives, government agencies are increasingly using channels such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with the public. But is your organization’s content interesting or engaging enough to keep followers coming back? Consider some of the following the next time you post.  


1.    Inject fun into your message

Recently, my agency started sharing its job openings on Twitter.…


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