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Can You Grab Leadership Gold? 5 Ways To Help

Are you, like me, an Olympic junkie? I am not proud to admit how many hours I have devoted to watching the athletic pursuits of others. The twizzle. The back-sided 360. The hammer. Though the hours i've spent perched in front of my tv, I have learned more about ice dance, half-pipe and curling than I…


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DorobekINSIDER LIVE: From the Frontlines of Innovation

A special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER today. We're LIVE! We are doing this at least once each month this year. The idea is simple: get smart people together and share ideas because we believe that the real power of information comes when it is shared.…


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Do Workforce Challenges Create A Mission Impossible for Gov?

"Workforce = mission. If you don’t have the right people it is a recipe for disaster," said Goldenkoff. But hiring and retaining top talent has been a big problem for government.

The Government Accountability Office looked at workforce challenges in their new report,…


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More Than Numbers, Social Media Is About Engagement - Plus Your Weekend Reads

In today's government, social media use is less about broadcasting messages and more about engaging citizens in a new way. What does that mean? Well, it means that instead of just sending out a Tweet from your agency Twitter feed, agencies are actively searching for ways to make that broadcast…


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Are Small Budgets Good For Innovation - Part Two

Spending in the federal government is down. Sequestration has put a serious drain on many agency resources, but could the money squeeze actually create a breeding ground for innovation?

In part two of our interview, with the first Chief Innovation Officer at NARA, Pamela Wright, told Chris Dorobek that the smaller…


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Meet NARA's First Chief Innovation Officer - Part 1

Innovation is one of those Rorschach terms, where innovation means different things to different people. Even amongst Chief Innovation Officers the role of innovation at an agency can vary greatly. So what really makes an innovative program?…


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Is Your Retirement Safe During a Debt Ceiling Default?

Time is running short for Congress to raise the nation’s borrowing limit — the Treasury Department says it will run out of spending authority by Feb. 27.

As the federal government keeps spending money it does not have without borrowing or printing more, the Department of the Treasury …


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All Politics Are Local, Does That Apply To Email Too? - Plus Your Weekend Reads!

The phrase, "All politics is local" is a common phrase in politics, coined by former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O'Neill. The message is simple,…


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Design Dilemma, Why Mapping the Future Matters

Every summer, my family would load into our minivan and journey more than 21 hours to my grandparents house in Denver, Colorado. As you can imagine, 21 hours in car with four younger brothers is a nightmare. The only way I was able to distract myself, was to track our progress on the massive nation-wide…


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Do You Feel Like Your Boss Plays Favorites?

Do you ever feel like your boss is playing favorites? We all can fall into the trap of thinking our boss prefers our co-workers, or that our bosses hate us. This thought process happens to everyone, right? Not just me? Ok, good. I was worried for a second there. Favoritism in the office can be a real issue. So, how do you deal with the perceptions and realities of favoritism?…


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Open Gov Defined - More Than A Noun, A Verb Of Gov Transformation

I f you ask 20 people to define open government, you will get 20 different responses. The lack of uniformed definitions makes implementing open government services very difficult. It would be like asking a pastry chef to bake a cherry pie and then providing 20 different recipes.…


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Retirement: Why the Next Generation Needs a Plan

"It’s the year 2043 and Cheryl, a 60-year-old public works employee with 30 years of service, has just reviewed her retirement savings with a financial adviser. She is surprised that she will need to work several more years to reach her retirement income goals. “My father retired from city government after 25 years and had a comfortable retirement,” she said ruefully. 'What happened?'"

That's a great question. Between 2009 and 2012, 45…


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College Made Easier with Open Data - Plus Your Weekend Reads!

Going to college is an exciting, terrifying and downright confusing time for students and parents alike. Choosing the right college is a difficult choice. Paying for that college is tricky and figuring out student aid is almost impossible. That is why the White House Innovation fellows were tasked with opening up Education Department data to help private companies develop tools and apps to help.

James Sanders is on the Presidential Innovation Fellow team. Sanders…


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Do we (govies) expect the wrong things from the State of the Union?

If you were scrolling through government publications in the wake of the Tuesday's State of the Union, you were probably not surprised to see headlines decrying the lack of mentions of feds or government reforms in the speech. Besides a reform to contractor pay and a new focus on permitting challenges, actual government reforms were hard to find. But maybe we (govies) weren't looking for the right things.

Jitinder Kohli is a Director at Deloitte. He told…


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Were Feds Missing from the State of the Union?

You may scoff, but in my opinion, very few employees are as tough and resilient as government employees. In the past year, feds have been furloughed, sequestered and had their pay frozen, and yet when the shutdown shuttered government offices for much of the month of October, most feds, caught in partisan politics, just wanted to return to work.

It is that single minded determination that is often overlooked by the media and the public at large. Last night's…


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The solution to procurement woes, people?

Hiring is one of the biggest challenges in government. Getting the right people in the right position is key for an effective government. Just as hiring the right NIH scientist is key to curing disease so too is hiring the right procurement…


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Why are large procurements so complex? vs. Deepwater has been a massive contracting challenge from the onset. What went wrong? "Contractors have pointed the…


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Innovation Designed, Why Visuals Matter - Plus your Weekend Reads!

When you think of well designed and easily accessible websites, government examples probably don't come to mind first. You probably think of Apple or CNN, but that is what the VA Modernization Team is trying to fix. The team is part of the second round of the Presidential Innovation Fellowship program, and…


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3 reasons why we should revive gov conferences

Conference spending at four agencies fell 88 percent from fiscal 2010 to 2012, according to a report released Jan. 3 and those agencies…


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Are wearable technologies the future for government?

By now we have all seen the advertisements for Google Glass,Fitbit and the…


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