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The Process of Absolutely Everything: Powering the Internet of Things

Let’s go through your typical workday. You wake up early, probably to your alarm clock or coffee maker. Maybe you catch up on news by scanning sites and blogs online or on your smartphone during your commute. If you drive, you might use certain apps like Waze to navigate through traffic. When at work you use devices such as your phone, computer and others to network and communicate. For lunch you probably use a refrigerator or microwave to prepare your food. Once home, you might relax by…


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How to manage Internet Security software in your PC

Responsibility to manage Internet Security begins with an individual. The risks are always there and the following are a few practical steps, which you as a responsible individual can take to improve the security of your network.

Refrain using shared/public systems: Do not use public computers for carrying out transactions such as investment transactions or online banking. Since public networks are not…


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Internet of Things technology installed on flight #370 could have avoided the disaster!

blogged today  that, unless the engines on Flight 370 used some sort of proprietary communications protocol, it should have been possible for the airline and the flight tower to have had simultaneous REAL-TIME access to the engine data: the problem is that Internet of Things technology is ahead of management practices to capitalize on it.  If they had been using IoT thinking, Rolls-Royce…

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I'll be appearing Wednesday on Gov Loop's "Dorobek Live" to discuss the Internet of Things

Hi!  I'll be joining old friend Chris Dorobek for his "Dorobek Live" discussion on GovLoop next Wednesday to talk about how the Internet of Things is changing government.  The discussion will take place from 2-3p ET (Sign-up information here: Be there or be square!

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The 4-1-1 to IPv6

Republished from Mary Davie's blog, Great Government through Technology

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) year-end FY14 deadlines are fast approaching for the federal government. If you haven’t started, now is a good time to consider how far we’ve come and what we have left to do to complete IPv6 transition.

The …


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Belkin Unveils Echo Sensor Technology for Intelligent Use of Water, Energy and Natural Gas Resources

HydroPoint Data Systems Partners With Belkin Echo Water for Smart Water Management; Department of Defense Selects Belkin Echo Electricity for Military Installation Demonstration


Belkin, a trusted leader of technology solutions for office, classroom, IT infrastructure, and mobile environments, today introduced Echo, an advanced sensor technology system for buildings that…


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New IDC report that Internet of Things has reached "tipping point" for government applications!


I just blogged a new report from IDC, The Coming of Age of the Internet of Things in Government

The report concludes that:

“The Internet of Things is reaching a tipping point that will make it a sustainable paradigm for practical applications. The public sector’s use of the IoT is still limited but emerging…


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A Modern Legacy

This is the most blatant example I've seen about how a traditional business can adapt the internet revolution to increase value.

I sat down with a high school buddy, who for the last 40 years has run a specialty instrument company. These instruments, which are globally famous, are used by labs, hospitals, and research facilities - they are the clear leader of biological/electronic devices…


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Celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Cyber security is a hot topic among the private and public sector, especially as the consumerization of IT continues to grow as a trend and business tool. And although the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 failed to become a law, the need for strong cyber security measures, particularly within the federal government, has not diminished. If anything, the need has grown, particularly with the prevalence of the increasingly-mobile employee and BYOD.

This month kicks off the ninth year of…


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Astounding that US government is blissfully unaware of Internet of Things & its impact!

The Internet of Things -- linking devices ranging from smartphones to cars' computers to industrial sensors via the same Internet that we use -- has been a technical reality since 2008 (more "things" than people are now connected), and by 2015 IBM predicts 1 TRILLION things will be linked. Yet it is impossible to find a single reference to the IoT on the White House web site or in Romney's economic plan. Contrast that to China, where the premier routinely refers to it in speeches and the…


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How an "Open Project" Approach Can Change the World

How do you tackle a large-scale, complex challenge that evolves over time, involves thousands of stakeholders, and where there is no clear solution?  For example, is there a road map for how the Internet evolved? Could we do it again?


IBM Center author David Witzel examines the evolution of the Internet over the past four decades in a new report, looking for…


Added by John Kamensky on June 25, 2012 at 9:39am — 2 Comments

What's the Most Inopportune Time Your Internet Didn't Work?

Face it, it has happen to us all...some internet connections are spotty and they doesn’t always work when we absolutely need them to!


Tell us a story about when your internet connection went out and you REALLY needed it to work; What were you doing? What were the pressures? How did it make you…


Added by Megan Price on November 2, 2011 at 11:47am — 5 Comments

Out of the Smoke-Filled Room and Onto the Internet

The Texas Tribune

Out of the Smoke-Filled Room and Onto the Internet


The concept of crowdsourcing — soliciting information from a wide range of people responding to an open call over the Internet — is drawing some interest at the Capitol and could play a significant role in the way Texas lawmakers handle a key issue next…


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The challenge for government: Why it's important to know how people learn about their community

Information is power. Actually, there is no power in information but in who creates it and controls it. That's the power of information --how it's used.  Did you know that local TV news is still the most popular source for local information in America? However, adults rely on it primarily for just three subjects: weather, breaking news and at a distant third, traffic.  And that…


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New Pew survey emphasizes the Internet's importance in civil society

The role of the Internet as a platform for collective action grows. A survey released this week by the Pew Research Center's Internet and Life Project shed light on the social side of the Internet. The results offered insight into the differences between the connected and the disconnected, revealing that Internet…


Added by Alexander B. Howard on January 22, 2011 at 2:00pm — No Comments

"One hit wonder" or sustainable success?

The point of this post: When looking at “success stories” in the adoption of new technologies, we have to think carefully about how repeatable they are.

“One of the most challenging things to figure out in the government space is which technology trends are fads versus real long-term trends,” said Green in an interview with ComputerWorld Canada.

Wise words. And they apply not only to technology.

I was thinking the other day…


Added by David Tallan on August 17, 2010 at 11:38am — 6 Comments

Census to use Web in future counts

The Census Bureau continues its 2010 population count, but it's not wasting any time with a plan to use the Internet 10 years from now in the next census.

Director Robert Groves told Federal News Radio the Bureau is already planning to test using the Internet using the American Community Survey (ACS).

"One of the things I'm committed to," said Groves, "is to using the surveys, especially the American Community Survey as a platform to test…


Added by Federal News Radio on May 14, 2010 at 8:50am — 1 Comment

Designing Government for the People

I was talking to a co-worker about our office’s reconfiguration plans, which involve merging divisions and training employees to handle a wider variety of customer needs. It’s a nice plan, and it is likely to benefit our customers by removing the layers they have to dig through to get to the services they need.…


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A Must-Read for Gov 2.0 & Digital Democracy Gurus

I stumbled across a fantastic article in this weekend's Wall Street Journal that should be a must-read for those in the Gov 2.0 movement as well as anyone that has ever used the "Iranian Election" example when promoting the growing influence and importance of Twitter and other social networks.

The Digital Dictatorship, written by Georgetown University fellow Evgeny…


Added by Steve Lunceford on February 23, 2010 at 10:42am — 5 Comments

RSS: A Really Simple Option for Communicating with Citizens

by Sophicity

While many cities have embraced the web as a way to communicate with their citizens, many are still trying to figure out the best way to leverage the vast number of tools and programs available to them. Most have websites up, but other technologies such as RSS, Twitter, and Blogs, are just now starting to come into play at the local government level. Since no one channel is usually good enough for every “listener” in the… Continue

Added by Tim Verras on October 13, 2009 at 10:40am — 4 Comments

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