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Innovation Australian-Style

Innovation seems to be a big deal in governments around the world.  But the Australian Public Service developed a formal action plan for innovation in 2011 and is rolling out a series of initiatives that are building the use of innovation into the government’s institutional framework.


The current edition of…


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How To Prepare For And Pass Your PMI-ACP Exam

Two days after submitting his online application for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam, Allen Matheson got a message that many exam candidates dread: he had been randomly selected for an audit.

“They asked that I give them more detailed evidence of two things within the next 90 days,” said Allen, a project manager and Agile consultant, in an interview with Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM, host of …


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The 7 Things You Need to Pass the PMI-ACP® Exam

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has developed a set of criteria and credentials for recognizing project management professionals who use Agile methodologies in their project, the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification. The credentialing process is fairly rigorous, including: 2,000 hours or twelve months of general project management work experience, 1,500 hours or eight months of Agile specific project experience, and 21 hours of training in Agile specific…


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The 2013 GovFresh Awards are in...

2013 results are in, and the company which maintains the database of government contracts wins Civic Startup Of The Year according to GovFresh's website.  Here are the results:

2013 GovFresh Awards

The GovFresh Awards honor the greatest civic innovators and innovations of 2013.


  • City of the…

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IJIS Institute Publishes National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Resource

Criminal Justice Information Services Program Advisory Committee compiles essential resources in guide to help industry implement N-DEx

Ashburn, VA (October 29, 2013). The IJIS Institute—a nonprofit organization that focuses on mission-critical information sharing for justice, public safety, and homeland security—announces the publishing of the…


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Belkin Unveils Echo Sensor Technology for Intelligent Use of Water, Energy and Natural Gas Resources

HydroPoint Data Systems Partners With Belkin Echo Water for Smart Water Management; Department of Defense Selects Belkin Echo Electricity for Military Installation Demonstration


Belkin, a trusted leader of technology solutions for office, classroom, IT infrastructure, and mobile environments, today introduced Echo, an advanced sensor technology system for buildings that…


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Think Globally, Act Locally: Support The Children’s Inn at NIH

If you don’t know The Children’s Inn at NIH, you should. Nestled in the NIH campus next to the world renowned research hospital, The Inn is a “place like home” to more than 10,000 children who bravely have traveled from all 50 states and 84 countries to find a cure.

Children are admitted to the NIH hospital, known as the Clinical Center, via doctor referral. Realize that not only have these families exhausted all of their medical options at…


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How to Write a Pathways Federal Resume - Join the RoundTable tomorrow

Please join us on FedTalk Radio to discuss Pathway applications. I'll be discussing the Federal Resume format that will be the best for current students and recent graduates!


January 25, 2013 -- In 2011, the …

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5 Reasons Why the White House Response to the Death Star Petition Was Genius

Back in November 2012, someone posted on the White House’s “We The People” site petitioning the federal government to secure funding and resources to build a Death Star by 2016. We The People is an online petition website that allows any citizen to make a suggestion, and if it receives 25,000 votes, the White House will issue an official response. The Death Star petition reached 25,000 votes in December and one month later, the White House …


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Way to Go, Amazon!

I am an Amazon.Com customer - have been since Jeff Bezos launched it in 1995. It's still evolving as an innovative on-line commerce platform. They have initiated a socially responsible program worth noting.

Today my visit to the site opened with a letter from Jeff – about an investment in the…


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I taught 9 classes in Bahrain to US Navy Sailors a few weeks ago. We discovered these 9 major problems with applying for a federal job online over and over again!  If you have other problems with the automated application systems, please write comments here. I will forward your suggestions to our USAJOBS point of contact. I gave this problem list to my OPM Automated Recruitment contact. Maybe there will be a change !!!


USAJOBS.GOV and – Both require…


Added by Kathryn Troutman on May 20, 2012 at 10:30pm — 2 Comments

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: 3 Reasons to Read The Hunger Games & Other YA Lit

So you may have heard about that new Hunger Games movie or know a little something a boy named Harry, but honestly, why should you be reading young adult literature (YA Lit)?  Isn’t it just for kids?  

Actually, no, YA Lit is awesome because it can teach some great lessons that you will actually enjoy learning. YA authors are the best- kind, funny and insightful (I have about 15 great three minute interviews with the coolest of these authors on my…


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Federal Job Search Training Discussion, FedTalk Radio 11 am ET with Kathryn Troutman


Call or write an email with your questions and challenges with your Federal Job Search! Internet or radio listening!

February 10, 2012 -- This week on FEDtalk, host Debra Rothwill lead a roundtable discussion on federal resume writing, and federal employment "train the trainer" programs in the D.C. area.

Experts who specialize in federal job…


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Mitt Romney on Food Stamps?

And Other Random Thoughts


Mitt Romney has said that he’s not concerned about “the very poor”, because they have the safety net. The TANF (cash welfare) benefit for a three-person household in Massachusetts is $618 per month. The average SNAP (food stamps) benefit is $264 for that family each month.

I sent an email…


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Jobs Analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union, 2012 by a Federal Jobs Consultant

I analyzed SOTA for all remarks, plans, legislation, ideas to support JOBS and TRAINING and EDUCATION in the US for 2012. I came up with 11 major points that were made.

I wrote this:  “The initiatives described in the State of the Union may or may not be offering you real jobs today. “  Read my entire blog for quotes from the SOTA.

I pulled his direct quotes in the blog: …


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Avoid These 10 Common Pitfalls In Your Federal Resume Work Experience Section

By Kathryn Troutman, Author, Federal Resume Guidebook and CD-ROM, 5th Ed. and Federal Career Consultant,

Do you want to avoid the most common pitfalls that I have seen in the Work Experience section of the federal…

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Three Important New Year's Resolutions for Your Federal Job Search!

Do you know the top three New Year’s resolutions for Americans in 2012?

#1 Lose Weight

#2 Reduce Stress

#3 Financial Management

The same three resolutions are also critical for success in your federal job search. Let me show you how:

#1 Lose Weight

Make Your Resume Lean AND…


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Government Agency Mobile Applications Leave Room for Improvement

The White Horse Digital Futures Group’s exclusive report provides feedback for 30 citizen-focused government mobile applications, plus mobile development guidelines helpful for public or private organizations.


Quote start "The number of smartphone users in the U.S. is approaching the 100 million user mark. Government bears a responsibility to…


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Federal Management Advice in The Public Manager - just out today!

Hey GovLoop fans,


I hope you share my excitement when holding the summer issue of The Public Manager. It’s being distributed to subscribers right now. If you can’t wait, if you urgently need help with information overload, managing in a fishbowl, or attending to the big challenge of 21st Century government reorganization being considered by President Obama, go online at our site,…


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Case Study: FSB Poisons High-Value Target?


Glenn McGovern


On November 1, 2006, Former FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) Colonel Alexander Litvinenko left his residence around 11:00 A.M. He caught the bus to the East Finchley tube station where he then took the train for a twenty-minute ride into London.

On his agenda was a meeting with former KGB colleague Andrei Lugovoi, at the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square. The purpose of…


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