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GSA IAE is seeking Industry Feedback

I am reposting this from the IAE Interact site. You can read more and sign up for this interactive community here.

"The GSA Integrated Award Environment team is asking you to dive into our current business processes to tell us what can be improved as we move forward with the development of the future environment. 

To start, we are sharing the existing…


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States Double Down On Cloud Computing - Don't Miss The Train

"Cloud computing has changed the way that CIOs procure goods and services in the government. The cloud computing train left the station a long time ago, it is more than past time for governments to fully jump on board.” – Meredith Ward.

More than 74% of state CIOs say they have at least one application in the cloud. That’s up from just 33% who answered the question in 2010. These numbers are from a recently released National Association of State Chief Information Officers …


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Four Ways To Improve Procurement

Last year, in the midst of the’s troubled launch, President Obama said government IT procurement needs to be blown up and built anew. But how do you blow up federal procurement effectively? troubled procurement wasn’t the only high profile…


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Take A Voyage - Why The Partnership Program Is Making A Difference

Every day on the DorobekINSIDER program we try to tell good government stories to help you do your job better. Today we get to highlight a program that is helping people do their jobs better by showing the power of partnerships; it’s an awesome program called Voyagers. Voyagers is part of the Industry Advisory Council in the American…


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Contracting Check-In - Where Does The Market Stand In The Wake Of The Shutdown

The federal IT landscape is shifting. Now more than ever, contractors and the federal government alike are looking to sell and buy government services, not hardware. Think cloud computing over data centers. But the shift is causing some problems, because the federal procurement system simply…


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Why are we meeting small business goals?

Agencies are required to meet small business contracting goals but every year, it is only a small percentage that actually comes close.   Why is this?  One very simple reason is that information on qualified small businesses does not flow to the CORs who are conducting market research.

Since launching GovProcure in July 2013, I have had the…


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How To Get Women In The Contracting Game

Women owned small businesses make up less than 5% of the federal procurements, but the federal government is trying to make a change. They have created requirements and set-asides to help women-owned businesses enter into federal contracts. The Small Business Administration and American Express Open have also teamed up to help get the word out…


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Invitation to 4/7 Webcast: SAM/IAE Target Technical Architecture

The Integrated Award Environment is happy to invite our Industry Partners to participate in IAE’s

upcoming outreach event on April 7, 2014 from 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM. This virtual meeting will focus on the

Environment’s target technical architecture and is intended for a technical audience.

Please register online at the following link to attend:…


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3 Different Flavors Of Political Appointees

Just like Ben and Jerry's 170 different flavors of ice cream, political appointees also come in a variety. You have your political types, your regulators, your implementers and your collaborators. So how can the Office of Personnel match the right political appointee to the right…


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Political Appointees - How To Make The Most Of Their Time

The political appointee is one of the most prized and most difficult positions in government. These individuals are plucked (mostly) from the private sector, dragged through the Senate confirmation process and handed the top-job at an agency. They are expected to lead, but often don't have the tools necessary to manage the difficult and nuanced world of the federal government.

Paul Lawrence is a partner at Ernst & Young. He is also the author of …


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Can Reverse Auctions Move Your Contracting Process Forward?

By Anna Hartley, Senior Acquisition Specialist

Reverse auctions, a relatively new contracting method used by the government to procure a variety of good and services where the price is the main factor, has caused much debate and provoked heavy criticism among contracting professionals in the last few…


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Howard County, Md., Launches CISO in Residence Program - Find Out Why

Howard County, Maryland's Center for Entrepreneurship and the Howard Tech Council have teamed up to launch a new Chief Information Security Office In Residence program, they are…


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9 Steps to Simplify & Streamline Your Software Selection Processes

Many state and local governments are nearing the end of the 7-10 year lifespan of the average budgeting and performance management software system, causing more and more key-decision makers to explore new budgeting and performance management technologies.

In fact, according to the “2013 Gartner Financial Executives International (FEI) CFO Technology Study,” nearly 60% of CFOs indicated that investing in analytics and decision-making was their top priority, as it should…


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Seeking lessons learned from complex IT projects - Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:


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35 Years Later, How One Group Stays Relevant In IT

Since 1979, the Association of Federal Information Resource Management (AFFIRM) has been meeting with industry and government groups to talk about IT challenges. 35 years is a long time for any organization to have a lasting impact, but for IT it may as well be a century. 

Back when AFFIRM launched, computers did not exist at OMB. There were no cellphones, tablets or…


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Get In The Game - How To Engage App Developers In Local Gov

Wildfires, there's an app for that.…


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Department of Defense Shapes “IT Box” to Speed Acquisition

While the civilian agencies wrestle with improving their IT procurement—and watch as legislation like the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) makes the slow march through Congress—the Department of Defense is moving ahead with its own plans to streamline the process. The problems with defense acquisition are known and many: Cost overruns, schedule slippage, etc.

The Department of Defense announced last week the introduction of something called the…


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A New Era At TechAmerica - Five Big Priorities

TechAmerica has been working through a difficult period after four key executives left suddenly to start a competing public sector organization. Now, Mike Hettinger the newly hired Senior Vice President for Public Sector, is hitting the ground running. He told…


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There's No Match.Com for Mentorship

Dating sites spout all sorts of algorithms on love. They say if you join their dating service, their computers will crunch the numbers and find you the perfect match. Sometimes it works. But when it comes to…


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