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The Hottest Job Out There Now? Data Scientist

There's so much talk about big data these days. On a recent DorobekINSIDER LIVE, we talked to the people at the front lines of big data: the chief data officers. These are the people who are really making big data an effective tool for government.

Hosted by Chris Dorobek, the online training featured the following…


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Can We Ever Get Off The Pay Carousel – Or Just Keep Going Around?

It seems like every few months the pay debate comes up again – or more accurately, it comes up every election cycle. Pay is a constant source of tension, but if we’re really going to solve the debate once and for all, there needs to be serious reforms to the civil service -- not just compensation. 



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Getting Rid of Do More With Less – 5 Ways Gov and Tech are Changing the Mold

“Do more with less” is the mantra that government has been singing for years. But now, the “do more with less” refrain has been transformed with technology and automation to “do better with less. “ Business process management and streamlined technologies are changing the landscape so government can actually get more done with fewer resources.

Part of the reason for the transformation is the evolution of devices. We now live in a world dominated by devices; there are more than a…


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How To Get Your Innovation Moving In A Bureaucracy: Leverage The Leader's Field Of Vision

In the movie Paranoia, Liam Hemsworth plays an innovative developer who gets caught between two lifelong rivals. His problem? Overeducated but underpaid and… Continue

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Charismatic Leadership: Be Present and Alert

The man was looking me in the eyes as I explained the situation to him but his eyes told me he was miles away. He was not present in our conversation even though he was standing right in front of me. Where was he? Was he still in the meeting that just ended? Was he thinking about his next appointment?…


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DorobekINSIDER Live: More Than Just Big Data, Big Careers

A special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER was held Wednesday. We're LIVE! We host these events once each month this year. The idea is simple: get smart people together and share ideas -- because we believe that the real power of information comes when it is shared.…


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Are You An Outreach Winner?

#Winning. It’s not just Charlie Sheen who can craft a popular tweet. In fact, even you can top Mr. Sheen because your tweets are not just popular – they’re also helpful and informative. Think about it: your engagement can help taxpayers save time, money and resources.


And it’s not just about Twitter. Government is getting really good at engaging with citizens on multiple platforms. Email? Check. Text messaging? Check. Blogging? Check.


So is your organization…


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Top-10 Tips for Mastering Media Interviews

Speaking to the news media can be a tricky business. This is especially true if you are not a professional communicator, former journalist, or possess other expertise in media relations and communications.

Therefore, the…


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Preparing to talk big data with chief data officers - Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:

You can find all of our programs online:…


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New Research Shows Top 3 Ways for Improving Communications in U.K. Government Organisations

In 2014, around 100 U.K. government communication professionals were surveyed to determine the most important trends driving public sector communication with the public and stakeholders. GovDelivery published the results in an e-book, the UK Trends E-book. Here are some of the findings. trends-uk

Naturally, there were varied responses to our survey; however, communicators tended to share the top three…


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Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day? 7 Reasons not to be Fooled

Several years ago, when social media was really starting to take off, the idea that an individual or organization could successfully engage in “just minutes a day,” was rampant. Then reality sunk in and people recognized that effective engagement requires time, hard work, and commitment. Finding ways to be more efficient and effective was still a…


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Respect the rocks for what they are.…


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Mentoring the Next Generation of Future Leaders

Leadership development is a dynamic and multifaceted process. Effective leadership development uses every day work as the developmental experience and relies on the wisdom and guidance of a strong mentor.

There are a number of relevant developmental opportunities to develop skills and expand professional networks. The first thing you will want to do is to determine where your skill gaps exist and what areas you want to development.

The following questions may be helpful to…


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One Man's Mission - Ethics Reform

Missouri is home to some of the weakest ethic laws in the county. The Show-Me-State is the only state in the country that does not limit the amount of money that can be given in campaign contributions and also does not put a limit on the personal gifts that lobbyists can give to legislators. …


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Stearns County Shows the Power of Email

Lowering local crime rates is the goal of every law enforcement agency, but it’s not an easy goal to achieve. Local police departments create crime tip phone lines; however, calling isn’t always the best option to report crimes. And in this more digital world, many citizens prefer to use channels they’re already using. For this reason, Stearns County Sheriff’s department decided to use the power of email to increase citizen engagement. …


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The Real Pay Debate - Not A Number, But Proper Compensation

Your pay is up for debate, yet again. A new Congressional Research Service report, Selected Characteristics of Private and Public Sector Workers, continues the debate that came to the forefront during the 2010 election season over…


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Government Customer Satisfaction Levels Leave Room for Improvement

Last week, the Federal Consulting Group (FCG) hosted the 2014 Government Customer Satisfaction Forum. The program was jam-packed with public sector and private sector experts, including:

  • Ross Smith from the Office of Technology for the Veterans Administration spoke on his efforts to increase satisfaction of different tech-related interactions
  • Dr. Forrest Morgeson with the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) shared the…

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6 Main Challenges to Creating a Resilient Community & Your Resiliency Checklist

On Tuesday April 8th, GovLoop hosted our third annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. This year we focused on "Innovations that Matter" and how to make innovation stick at your agency. Read this recap of our session creating resilient communities, and stay tuned for a link to the full recordings. More blog coverage of the Summit can be found here.…


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The Inside Track on Open Data

There’s no denying that today’s technology provides immense opportunity to transform the way government engages with citizens. Through mobile, cloud, GIS and social media, government can be where the citizens are, and provide critical services when needed.


At the heart of this technological…


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The Building Blocks of Innovation

On Tuesday April 8th, GovLoop hosted our third annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. This year we focused on "Innovations that Matter" and how to make innovation stick at your agency. Read this recap of keynote on the building blocks of innovation and …


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