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Driving Mission Impact With a More Engaged Stakeholder Base – an ONS Case Study

As a government agency, serving your stakeholders is at the core of your mission. You have information that your citizens need, and it’s your job as a communicator to get it to them. But getting the right information to the right people at the right time isn’t as simple as sending a letter anymore.

While technology has made communication with the public faster, cheaper, and more dynamic than ever, it’s also created a myriad of challenges as well. Not only because each new digital…


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What Happened at Innovation GovCamp 2014 (Canberra)

Last Saturday Australia's first national GovCamp was held as part of the Innovation Month program.

Innovation GovCamp 2014 involved events in six locations across Australia. Over 500 people registered to attend.

I attended (and helped organise) the event in Canberra, at the Inspire…

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You're Probably Not the Audience

I've been reflecting on the number of comments and decisions I've witnessed lately where people have decided that a particular online approach, website design, engagement channel, interface design, fact sheet or other design or content is no good as it didn't appeal personally to them.

There's definitely a tendency in our society for individuals to think they are the central audience for everything they are exposed to - advertisements, entertainment, news and online…

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Best Practices for Improving Your Federal Agency’s Stakeholder Engagement

In 2009, the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) had to face an unsettling fact: when it came to generating stakeholder engagement, the old way of doing things just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. After conducting research, DOI realized that despite being a federal agency with a huge stakeholder base and a…


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Google Glass as a Certain Reality

This morning I attended the Innovation Month event "Google Glass as a certain reality", hosted by the Department of Education.

It was a great event, and extremely well attended (well over 100 people in the audience), featuring very engaging talks from Alexander Hayes,…

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How Having a Dinosaur in Your Corner Can Help With Innovation

It's quite common for those of us on the pointy end of Government 2.0, innovation, agile and open source/open data and similar 'progressive' thinking to refer to people who seem reluctant and risk-averse as 'dinosaurs'.

The terminology crosses the government/corporate divide - indeed I'm hearing it now more often in reference to senior management in large Australian companies than in government agencies.

Sometimes it's used as a term of affection, sometimes…

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The Importance for Government of Respecting Open Source and Open Data Copyrights

An interesting situation has arisen in Italy, with the country's Agenzia delle Entrate, the Italian revenue service and taxation authority, accused of copying OpenStreetMap without respecting the site's copyright license.

As documented on the Open Street Maps discussion list, Italy's OpenStreetMap community discovered a little over three months ago that the maps used by…

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What Happens to Governments When the Trust Disappears?

It's difficult for governments to remain effective when the support of citizens evaporates. History is littered with failed states, civil wars and insurrections resulting from society's loss of trust in their rulers and governance systems.

In authoritarian states this support is often built on fear, coercion and control, which can prove to be very fragile when citizens lose their fear of a government, as Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria have most recently…

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Thinking About Libraries, the Original Civic Platform

Libraries have always been dear to me. When I was growing up, the Carnegie-built library in my hometown was my sister’s and my favorite place to swing by during the summer — and not just for the books, mind you. They hosted wonderful youth engagement activities: volunteer opportunities, educational classes, and they even had a rental program for outdoor gear. (Indeed, it was a library that gave me my first fishing experience; the library, and well, the pond…


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We, the People .... the Customer ... the User?

Let’s put this as neutrally as possible.

People interact with public services.

Now, here’s a simple question: what should we call those people – and why?

Perhaps it’s not such a simple question after all. They – we – are many things. We are patients, customers, passengers, swimmers, clients, taxpayers, claimants  and more (as well as, but slightly separately, being voters, citizens, residents).…


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The Most Important Update Trending on Public Sector Websites

With any government program, project, or initiative, you can’t just rely on an “if you build it, they will come” strategy.

If nobody knows about your initiatives or projects, they can’t make a difference. To be truly successful at your job to drive engagement with these programs, you have to capture people while they are engaged on your website in order to promote your ongoing programs. An overlay is key to that success.

An overlay is a simple, understated light window box that…


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Three Principles for Innovation in Governance

Our partners at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation recently published a great piece on their Challenges to Democracy blog by Hollie Russon Gilman that we are re-posting here. Gilman’s insightful article about innovation in governance is the third in a series (…


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Has the Government Digital Comms Community Sold Out?

There was as time when those working in digital comms in government liked to think of themselves as pioneers, dogooders, renegades, jeans wearing, pizza eating innovators; disruptors with a start up mentality.

Is this still the case? Here are some reflections...

What is the evidence?

Govcamp the annual get together was initially a very low key event and the first couple held at the Ministry of Justice had a very last…


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The Economic Value of Open Data to Australia

This morning I attended the breakfast launch of the Open for Business: How Open Data Can Help Achieve the G20 Growth Target report.

The report was written by Nicholas Gruen (former chair of the Gov 2.0 Taskforce) and his team from Lateral Economics, with support from Victoria…

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Mirror, Mirror: Can Modern Societies Survive Seeing Their Own Reflections?

One of the most major challenges for governments and societies around the world today is the rapidly declining trust in politicians, institutions and governance systems.

I'm willing to make the claim that politicians today are no more corrupt, self-serving or beholden to special interests than politicians were fifty, a hundred or even a thousand years ago.

Regardless of the political system in place, it takes hard work, compromise, negotiation and a…

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Does Digital Engagement Really Exist?

What do I mean by asking ‘Does digital engagement really exist?’

As I have categorised this post under digital engagement it suggests that I believe in the concept, but lets see where this leads…

I was struck last week by the comments of @betonykelly and @timolloyd from BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, England) during an informal get together called Teacamp.

They both made the point that government was in danger of collectivising and…


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Using DATA to Shine the Light on Federal Spending

thumbnail_it Understanding how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars is a daunting task. In fiscal year 2013 alone, the federal government spent $3.5 trillion. In May, Congress unanimously passed and the President signed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA), which increases accountability and transparency of…


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It's Nice to See Government Agencies Share With Each Other

One of the most frustrating and, I think, silliest things I found when working in Australian government agencies was how almost every department, agency and statutory body developed almost all of its own policies, procedures, software and tools.

There was often 'undercover' sharing - where people in agencies would ask their colleagues in others for copies of their whatever policy, so they could craft one just like it - however there was no central repository where…

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How to Measure Impact Online

Recently we held a webinar with Martin Done, Service Director Communications and Marketing and Sarah Lay, Senior Digital Officer of Nottinghamshire County Council to discuss the Council’s new branding efforts and outreach to drive avoidable contact and channel shift initiatives. You can watch a replay of the webinar here. …


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Google Glass: The Next Step in Citizen Engagement?

Below is an excerpt from our Citizen Engagement guide -- it's a great interview with David Fletcher, Utah's CIO, about some of the state's new initiatives. 

Want more on citizen engagement? Then make sure to sign up for …


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