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Is Twitter the Right Channel for Responding to Customer Service Questions in the U.K.?

While social media has the potential to be a great add-on tool for customer service (communicating with the public through Twitter opens up possibilities for immediate interactions) most U.K. organisations are not using Twitter for direct stakeholder interactions. In fact, even though the majority of U.K. organisations have a Twitter account, only about a third of them are using those accounts to reply directly to customers. The…


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#LocalGovDigital – A day with @GDSTeam

Me, Mike Bracken, Tom Loosemore chatting at GDS – part of the LocalGov Digital Visit

On Thursday 10th April a small group of the LocalGov Digital Steering Group visited the GDS offices to share our journey, share our outputs, ideas and challenges and start a conversation around how we might be able to work effectively together moving forward.  We wanted it to be an open and honest conversation which I believe…


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An Experiment in Crowdsourcing Citizen Engagement

On Tuesday April 8th, GovLoop hosted our third annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. This year we focused on "Innovations that Matter" and how to make innovation stick at your agency. Read this recap of our session on citizen engagement and head here for the full recordings. More blog coverage of the Summit can be found …


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5 Lessons About Citizen Engagement

On Tuesday April 8th, GovLoop hosted our third annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. This year we focused on "Innovations that Matter" and how to make innovation stick at your agency. Read this recap of our session on citizen engagement and head here for the full recordings. More blog coverage of the Summit can be found …


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Mandatory e-Government - Is it Possible?

Last week, I was about to attend a fascinating session at the 49th session of the Public Governance Committee at OECD in Paris entitled “Innovative Technologies for Improving Public Sector Governance." Over the course of the day, there were a number of fascinating presenters, including…


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APSC's current online participation guidance becoming an unwanted and unneeded distraction

There's been a great deal of scrutiny of the APSC's revised guidance on social media participation by public servants since it came into effect in early 2012 (coincidentally about the time I left the public service).

Initially dubbed by some parts of the media as the 'Jericho amendments' (sorry Greg!), the 2012 guidance has regularly been…

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Government Reimagined: From Small Sets of Data – To Giant Leaps of Insight

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with what came before the “final result”. For instance, I was much more interested in HOW and WHY my toys worked than the fact that they did work. Over the years, my curious nature led to many a toy, including sophisticated toys, real automobiles, musical instruments and computers which I at least partly disassembled to satisfy my curiosity and my need to understand more.

More recently, I’ve been focused on breaking down… Continue

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Taking Government & Civic Hacker Collaboration Up a Notch

charlotte door

Our staff are incredibly grateful for the warm welcome extended by the cities, state, and territory partners to the 2014 Fellows. For the month of February they were off living in and learning about their partner cities and communities. (We’re glad they’re back.)

Those familiar with our Fellowship program know that, in order…


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Can governments support crowdfunding?

This is a topic quite close to my heart at present, as I'm running a Kickstarter crowdfunding project myself - at (please check it out!)

It's teaching me a great deal about the challenges involved, and I'll be reporting back on this at the end of the process.

A broader question is whether governments in…

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We need an exit strategy for Facebook

Have you watched somewhat helplessly these past few months as your Facebook interactions dropped rapidly? Has the "reach" of your posts dipped as low as you've ever seen it, no matter how great your content is?


It's not your fault. It's Facebook's fault. And they're doing it on purpose.


Here are just a few recent headlines from across the web:

  • Forbes - …

Added by Derek Belt on March 25, 2014 at 8:00pm — 13 Comments

In which circumstances should a democratic nation ban access to social networks?

During the UK riots in 2011, the UK Prime Minister suggested shutting down social networks in future riots to prevent information sharing amongst rioters.

Now Turkey has blocked access to Twitter, stating the service was 'biased' and did…

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Want to innovate government? Focus on culture

When innovating in government, the technology’s the easy part. Innovative efforts often do one of two things:

  1. They take long-established technology from the private sector and inject it into an agency,…


Added by Benjamin J. Balter on March 21, 2014 at 12:11am — 9 Comments

Government stakeholders and citizens see different priorities for open data release

Socrata has released an interesting benchmark study on open government data, which looks at the state of open data from the perspectives of citizens, developers and government.

It is interesting to compare which data government stakeholders consider important to publish, compared to what citizens feel is important.

Looking at Very Important from the tables (below) it is pretty clear that…

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New Pew Study Maps Twitter Conversations

We saw an intriguing article last month over at the PewResearch Internet Project that we thought might interest some of our social media-…


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Statue of Liberty in 1884: A Preview of "Crowdfunding" Government Projects

Is the crowdfunding of public projects really all that new? As a Co-founder of Citizinvestor - a crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects - my team would love to take credit for this “new” form of civic engagement; but the truth is that citizens have been crowdfunding public projects since the Statue of Liberty made its way to New York City in…


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9 Lessons on Government Communications

Today, I was fortunate to attend the GovDelivery annual conference "The Power of Message."   There were a ton of great speakers from the author Paul Smith on his book Lead with a Story to panelists from DHS, SBA, and Education.…


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Last days to enter the Policy-Making 2.0 prize

The Crossover project, together with UNDP CIS, the Democratic Society and Euractiv, is organising the first "Policy-Making 2.0" prize [1]. It goal is to raise awareness and consolidate the community about a new set of tools to support policy making, such as as open and big data, visualisation, opinion mining, collaborative governance, modeling and simulation, serious gaming. 

Submit your application using this simple form (takes 5 minutes to complete): …


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How-to: 30 Steps to Become a Digital City

At GovLoop, we recently released a report on "Digital Government Strategy".  

One aspect of Digital Government, we touched briefly on but I wanted to…


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Considerations for the Digital Public Information Officer (PIO)

This topic has come up time and time again here on GovLoop and I felt it was time to revisit the greater discussion involving use of social/new/2.0/3.0/etc technology for the purposes of emergency response, recovery, mitigation, citizen engagement, and so forth through the optic of the PIO.  To this end, an entire world-wide group of professionals has been attempting to get their arms around this use of social media and technology for quite a while now.  Usually refered to as the #SMEM…


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