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The Weakest Link & What To Do About Them

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and life is after all a chain. 

William James 

To information security professionals, having a strong chain of policy, practice and architecture is indeed, life.…


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Want Good Content Strategy? Get Out of the Office

“High-quality web content that's useful, usable, and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online.” ― Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web

Government agencies rely on websites and other online tools with the view of informing, educating and engaging citizens. But how do we know if we're actually effective in our outreach? What should we put on our websites and how should we say…


Added by John Robert Nixon on June 2, 2014 at 10:53am — 7 Comments

Open Government and Data: Beyond Our Nation’s Borders

Governments around the world are utilizing big data analytics more and more. While data can make governments run more efficiently and aid policy decisions, it also raises many concerns. Citizens and civil society groups advocate for openness, making data available and accessible to all.

In line with these calls to action, President Obama made a commitment to open government initiatives in 2009 with the release of his…


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Last month to apply for the Innovations in American Government Award!

Do you have a creative and effective government program or initiative, or know of one that deserves recognition? If so, there is still time to submit an application for the Innovations in American Government Award.

Administered by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School, the Award is given to programs that serve as examples of innovative government at its best. The winner of Award will receive a $100,000 grant to support replication and dissemination activities. Top finalists will…


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Public Servant as Servant Leader

I was struck last month by a story I read in The New York Times. The Prime Minister of South Korea announced he was stepping down after 302 lives were lost in a ferry disaster. In that …


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Can We Achieve Integrated Talent Management Within the Federal Government?

Can we achieve Integrated Talent Management (ITM) within the Federal government?

My answer is “Yes, we can.” In order for Federal agencies to achieve ITM, they have to do business differently than they have done in the past.  One example that comes to mind is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA has achieved ITM for years for supervisory and…


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NBA Commissioner's Zero-Tolerance Leadership: A Management Model for the Federal Workforce

The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C), a support network and civil rights advocacy group, which formed to combat employment discrimination in the Federal workplace, says National Basketball Association's (NBA) Commissioner, Adam Silver's leadership-style serves as an excellent model for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other federal agencies professing to weed out rampant discrimination in the federal government.

"NBA Commissioner Adam Silver displayed great…


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From Drug Dealing in a Federal Prison to Crowdfunding Diplomacy: Your NextGen Speaker Contest Winners!

Remember back at the start of April when we asked you to help us decide the five finalists who would speak in a series of lightning talks at NextGen?

Well, you more than delivered. From over 150 entries and 1,800+ votes, we now have the five people who have been selected to share their story at the…


Added by Catherine Andrews on April 28, 2014 at 6:32am — 1 Comment

New Government Purchasing Trend: Know Your Price

According to Forrester's Jennifer Belissent, PH.D blog, "To name your price is to know your price".   She pointed out that due to data sharing, you are now able to learn what to expect to pay for a product/service, even if you've had no experience purchasing it before.  

Data sharing now enables you to…


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The Hottest Job Out There Now? Data Scientist

There's so much talk about big data these days. On a recent DorobekINSIDER LIVE, we talked to the people at the front lines of big data: the chief data officers. These are the people who are really making big data an effective tool for government.

Hosted by Chris Dorobek, the online training featured the following…


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Why Leadership Coaching Is For Everyone

     My morning started with an e-mail from a client who is a federal government analyst, upset about a missive from her training department eager to check-off their employee development box with a variety of offerings.  The catch?  Leadership development was restricted to “managers only.”  I guess it is time for the feds to understand what leadership means in the 21st century.



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Why Leadership Coaching Is For Everyone

     My morning started with an e-mail from a client who is a federal government analyst, upset about a missive from her training department eager to check-off their employee development box with a variety of offerings.  The catch?  Leadership development was restricted to “managers only.”  I guess it is time for the feds to understand what leadership means in the 21st century.



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5 Tips for Managing a Multigenerational Workplace

Do you manage a multigenerational workplace? These five tips can help you out.

If you’ve got a wide age range of employees in your office, you’ve probably noticed they have different work styles. In addition to handling projects differently,…


Added by Sam Ashe-Edmunds on April 15, 2014 at 9:00am — 6 Comments

It’s a mobile world - and there better be an app for that - Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:

  • Growing up in the 90s, School House Rock taught me how a bill becomes a law and how the US is a melting pot of cultures. But there is no School House Rock video tell me what civic technology is. And I need one. We get the inside scoop on this emerging phenomenon with…


Added by Christopher Dorobek on April 9, 2014 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Windfall Elimination

The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) only impacts individuals who earned a pension in any job and did not pay Social Security taxes, but worked long enough in other jobs to be eligible for Social Security Retirement or benefits due to disability.  The Windfall Elimination Provision impacts …


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PolicyOps – A Better Way to Create and Implement Government Policies and Programs?

Nearly 45 years ago, the United States landed two men on the Moon. It was not only an amazing technological achievement but also showed that the American government could achieve the big goals. All through the 20th Century, America’s government accomplished landmark mega-projects: the Hoover Dam, winning World War II, atomic power, the agricultural revolution, the polio vaccine, the space program, and the Internet.

Now, in the first 13 years of the 21st Century,…


Added by Bill Brantley on March 31, 2014 at 8:30am — No Comments

Core Capabilities of Successful Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management Solutions

Budgeting, forecasting and performance management is a difficult process within and organization and reporting on results can be challenging, regardless of size or industry. Enterprise planning is a critical for managers that contribute to the overall success or failure of a program, project or product, especially in good and bad economic times. Despite the importance or accurate forecasting, budgeting is often seen as a demanding and inefficient process. Yet forward-thinking organizations…


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This is What the Future of Government Innovation Looks Like

Presidential Innovation Fellows with IFE CEO Kathleen Kemper (center) and John Paul Farmer (far right). Photo credit: Kevin…


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9 Steps to Simplify & Streamline Your Software Selection Processes

Many state and local governments are nearing the end of the 7-10 year lifespan of the average budgeting and performance management software system, causing more and more key-decision makers to explore new budgeting and performance management technologies.

In fact, according to the “2013 Gartner Financial Executives International (FEI) CFO Technology Study,” nearly 60% of CFOs indicated that investing in analytics and decision-making was their top priority, as it should…


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7 Best Degrees to Help Get Into Government

Many people want to make a career for themselves in state or federal government. Getting a government job can take a long time, but once you get into government work, you generally will enjoy a good salary and a high degree of job security. There are several types of bachelor’s and graduate degrees that can help you to get into government, including the following:

#1 Public Administration…


Added by Rob Sanchez on February 27, 2014 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

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