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Future of Government Recruitment - Slides from my presentation

I was honored to ask to speak at the USAJOBS Vendor Summit on the topic of the Future of Government Recruitment.

Was a great crowd of really smart HR professionals.  Here's the presentation from the event. 




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10 Days Out to Next Gen Summit - Last Chance to Register, Win, & Volunteer

Can't believe we are only 10 days out from our 2nd annual GovLoop/YGL Next Generation of Government Summit.


Behind the scene, we've been cranking away on everything from brainstorming an awesome ideation game with IDEO, coordinating our Funniest Fed comedic performance,  studying which bean bag chairs to bring in, getting written up in Governing…


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More Details - Recruiting/Hiring Students and Recent Grads

More information from John Berry on Executive Order 13562:



On December 27, 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order 13562 entitled “Recruiting and Hiring…


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Ressler’s Rule #10: If you don’t systematically plan, life is a series of random events

There is a great old George Harrison song, which is titled “If you don’t know where you are going, anyroad will get you there.” Presumably, there is a corollary “if you know where you are going make sureyou pick a road that gets you there”.

Moving forward without any direction appears to be the preferredmethod for many people’s lives whether it is professional or personal. The net effect of this process isto leave them frustrated and under achieving. Many times I’ve heard the…


Added by John Ressler on December 13, 2010 at 7:30am — 9 Comments

What do 100 MPAs Think about Government

I was honored to spend the last 2 days at Syracuse University with MPA and PhD students in Public Administration, IT, and Public Diplomacy.

I had two lunches, 1 dinner, 2 coffee breaks with specific small groups of students, a career talk to 30 students, and a presentation to 100 students about Gov 2.0.

I had a number of observations from the trip:

-People are passionate about public service. MPAs and other students went to…

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Ressler's Rule #9 - It is OK to be Stupid and it is OK to be arrogant, just don't be both

Ressler’s Rules # 9: “It is OK to be stupid and it is OK to be arrogant, just don’t be both”

Let me start this discussion with a bit of a digression - During the Vietnam War the phrase “Fragging” was coined to describe the practice of injuring or…


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30 Thoughts on 30

Thanks everyone for the kind words

As I turn 30 today, I wanted to take a title from the wonderful ESPN 30

on 30 series. And give 30 things I

learned at 30 that I wished I would have known at 20

1 – Smile a lot and people will like you

2 – Sometimes a $7 beer is worth it at a football game

3 – A tailored suit is worth it’s price in gold

4 – Well-written emails are work’s version’s of that…

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Creative IT Hiring Strategies: Recruiting and retaining Net Gen workers in the public sector

Recently GovLoop community manager Andy K. and I wrote an article for Smart Enterprise Exchange (an online community with more than 2,000 global IT executive members- prodcued by TechWeb and CA Technologies ) entitled

Creative IT Hiring Strategies: Recruiting and retaining Net Gen workers in the public sector

The full article is here (need to…

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Retirement Questions Answered

Our federal employees retirement planning site at receives many questions each month from retirees and federal employees and many are focused on the following subject areas. I suggest copying this article and keep it with your important papers so you and your family will have the answers needed when faced with these issues.

Retirement Income… Continue

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Intro to the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) application process

So, anyone who's interested in federal government careers and who is pursuing a graduate degree will eventually (hopefully) hear about the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF, formerly known as PMI). If you are pursing a master's or PhD and will graduate from Sept. 1, 2010 through Aug. 31, 2011, you should be aware of this most prestigious of federal government fellowships.

I've administered most of the nomination process and shepherded grad students through the testing…


Added by Heather Krasna, MS on September 8, 2010 at 8:00am — 6 Comments

GL Infograph - Federal Employmenet by State

Been playing with the awesome data we have over at on a range of things and threw together this cool visual with OpenHeatMap

Federal employment by State

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Is the Young World Rising? Preview from Next Gen Gov Summit

At the YGL/GovLoop Next Generation of Government Summit 7/6-7/7, we have a ton of great speakers talking about opportunities for young leaders to change government.

One speaker is Rob Salkowitz who wrote the awesome Wiley-publish book… Continue

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3 Skills To Learn at Next Generation of Government

So I'm super excited about the GovLoop/Young Government Leaders Next Generation of Government Summit July 6 & 7th. We are already at almost 200 registrants of the raddest, smartest, government innovators and it'll be a blast. Make sure to register soon before it sells out

There are lots of skills I hope people learn at Next Generation of Government...but here's my top 3…


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Top 5 – How to Get the Most Out of Training

Times are tough and budgets can be lean for training. So you have to make the most out of your training budget. (**We know full well as for our training conference Next Generation of Gov't we created a 9 step ROI document***)

Here’s my top 5 tips to get the most out of training:

1. Search internally – Often your agency has classes taught internally. They may be hidden but search them out and take them.

2. Ask around – Not… Continue

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What's the ROI? 9 Practical Skills You Will Learn at NGG

GovLoop has teamed up with Young Government Leaders to launch Next Generation of Government Summit, July 6 & 7. More information and this blog appear at

Working in government, you often get the question "What's the ROI?" Or "If I send you to that training or conference, what will you learn and bring back to help the organization."

We've purposely… Continue

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What's the Next Generation of Government?

We are super excited at GovLoop to partner with Young Government Leaders on the Next Generation of Government Summit. Ever since I joined government in 2004, I've been passionate about creating the future of government service - from creating and connecting future leaders to reimagining how to deliver services.

This is the first-ever conference for the next generation of government leaders. It's the conference I always wanted to create and… Continue

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GovReads - ReWork - Reinventing Work

So I'm a big fan of the folks over at - a great blog written by the designer/developers over there who have created great stuff like BaseCamp.

What I like about them is they are not afraid of speaking their mind and they are often contrarian. They are purposely small, purposely advocate working less, purposely advocate taking out features, and generally have lots of great ideas from actually doing.
So what did I do this…

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NASPAA on Fixing Graduate Student Hiring

Great white paper by the folks at NASPAA on fixing graduate student hiring in the federal government

Personally I do see there is a great opportunity to take the PMF program and expand and make more of flagship program like Teach for America. The federal government is losing a lot of great talent by not having great intake mechanisms.…


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