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Leveraging the power of the crowd - It's not a mob mentality

Crowdsourcing is one of those words that means different things to different people. For our purposes, Daren Brabham defines it as, "Crowdsourcing it an online distributed problem solving and production model that uses the power of online communities to meet organizational needs."

Brabham is an…


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Snap - Why Instagram Matters in Gov

A few months back we talked to IBM's Gadi Ben-Yehuda about the business case for Pinterest in government. We discovered Pinterest offered a new way for agencies to showcase their mission. Now GSA has approved terms of service for government to Instagram. 



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Great Gov Tweets from this week.

We launched a new government Twitter dashboard called Great Gov Tweets this week. We build the dashboard every day by looking at every tweet sent by federally-managed twitter accounts two days before and then giving them scores based on retweets, favorites, and their audience size.

We do this to identify what kinds of government communication works best. We want to highlight great, effective, mission-driven usage of social…


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Free Webinar: How to Share Great Images on Social Media

We're hosting a free webinar this Thursday, Aug 8, 2013 at 2:00 PM EDT.

Register now.

In the hour-long webinar, we’ll explain why images and infographics are so important on social media, show examples of great communication via imagery, and – most importantly – explain why some images perform better than others. We’ll also leave some time for questions at the end.

Look forward…


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How Non-Profits and Foundations Support Evidence-Based Government

Non-profits, foundations, and universities are enthused by government’s growing interest in the use of evidence and evaluation.  They are chiming in with either support for government initiatives or undertaking their own initiatives. 


Some non-profits and foundations are advocates for the use of evidence-based decision-making in different policy arenas, while others advocate use of different tools or techniques for program evaluation. Interestingly, as government at…


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State, Local, and International Evidence-Based Government Initiatives

The federal government is not the sole player in the growing movement toward the use of evidence and evaluation in the policy decision-making process. 


While the federal government is undertaking a number of evidence-based program initiatives, the “moneyball government” movement is broader, encompassing initiatives at the state, local, and even international levels.


Examples of State-Level Efforts

Oregon Education.  The…


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DorobekINSIDER Live: Redefining Management in Government

A special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER today. We're LIVE! It's the seventh time we’ve met and we are doing this at least once each month this year. The idea is simple: get smart people together and share ideas because we believe that the real power of information comes when it is shared.…


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Where are the Social Work Opportunities in Government?

Social work is extremely important in our society, but particularly so in the federal government. Social workers operate all through the various levels and branches of government as they try to help individuals and families deal with various life problems and issues.

If you are a social worker and are interested in working in the federal government, you should…


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Five Steps to Building an Evidence-Based Culture in Government

OMB’s guidance to agencies on the development of their FY 2015 budgets promises that “OMB will issue a separate memo at a later date that encourages the increased use of evidence and evaluation, including rigorous testing of innovative strategies to build new knowledge of what works.” This encouragement comes on top of a foundation already under development in many agencies.


In addition to programmatic initiatives using evidence and rigorous evaluation to make funding…


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How to Tweet Like a Mars Rover

This was originally posted on the Measured Voice blog.

This robot is probably better at Twitter than you. Photo from NASA.

NASA gets to take credit not only for blazing trails into outer space, but also for developing some of the first great examples of social media…


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The Thirst for Knowledge

Budgets are tight and travel restrictions remain.  But, it's clear to me that nothing can diminish the thirst for knowledge. 

In my field (which was IT, then was web, then was digital communications, and is now public information), change is rapid-fire.  Expectations run high, and not just those of management.  Now, it's citizen expectations for social and mobile and so much more.

In my training classes, I explain that we have to communicate with our constituents in every…


Added by Carol A. Spencer on July 9, 2013 at 5:39pm — 5 Comments

Is it time for you to take a break from social media?

I am one of those people who considers myself relatively active on social media.

I have been on Facebook since 2007 (it was only available to college students before that and I was already well out of undergrad) and have been an active tweeter since 2009. I am also on LinkedIn and Instagram and Google+ and, up until a few months ago, also had a Tumblr account. Not only do I manage all of these platforms on a personal level, but I am also in charge of updating and engaging on several…


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How The U.S. Government Can Accelerate The Impact Economy

Originally appeared in Forbes in partnership with the Skoll World Forum. Click here for the original article.

Written by: Shrupti Shah, Ross Rocketto, and Rob Terrin

Momentum is building for government to play a larger role in the impact economy, the ecosystem where social entrepreneurs who have sustainable…


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Does Your Organization Have a Social Media Policy for All Generations?

These days, most every orientation handbook has it: the dreaded social media policy. Does your agency have a social media policy for all generations?

Some rules can be fairly liberal, like when social media can be used during working hours. Some are more stringent- like how employees use their accounts on their own…


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DorobekINSIDER Live: Why Mobile Matters

A special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER today. We're LIVE! It's the seventh time we’ve met and we are doing this at least once each month this year. The idea is simple: get smart people together and share ideas because we believe that the real power of information comes…


Added by Emily Jarvis on June 26, 2013 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Six Ways to Reach Millennial Job Seekers - by Liam Ackland, NGA.NET

The millennials are coming. But are federal agencies ready for them?

Also referred to as Gen Y, millennials will account for more than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means federal human resources managers and chief human capital officers must know how to connect to this generation, in the interest of talent acquisition and retention.…


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Facebook Attempts to Gain Cool Points With Roll-out of #Hashtags

Proving once again the awesomeness of Twitter, Facebook bit the bullet on hashtags and rolled them out to some users this week. Rumors of Facebook hashtags began to circulate in March, but now that they’re finally here we will begin to see whether they enhance user experience and functionality on Facebook, or indicate that Facebook developers are losing their creative edge and should…


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How to Share Good Images on Social Media

This was originally posted on the Measured Voice blog.

Our data shows that social media posts with images almost always perform better than posts without images. If you aren't already, you should start sharing images with your audience. They can be a powerful way to communicate, but only if you do it right.

Images take up more of your audience's screen…


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Unrestricted staff access to social media

Free use of social media across a whole company – it’s not a concept everybody agrees is productive. But where I work, it’s helping us to achieve some of our organisational values of openness, trust, teamwork and flexibility.

I speak about this very often with people interested in the approach taken where I work,…


Added by Helen Reynolds on May 30, 2013 at 9:00am — 5 Comments

Flickr Face Lift Reminiscent of Facebook Layout, Takes a Run at Google

Did anyone else notice that Flickr’s redesign propelled it in the direction of looking exactly like Facebook would look if images were the only content type? I am not denying that Marissa Mayer has brought an incredible amount of fresh ideas and new strategies to reinvigorate Yahoo and at the very least to keep it in the news, but the Flickr property, mostly ignored…


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